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Tips on How to Help Move Your Senior Parents

Tips on How to Help Move Your Senior Parents

Getting your parents ready for a move can be stressful and the real challenge comes down to downsizing. There are usually emotional aspects of selecting the right items to take to their new place. Depending on where they are moving too, the actual size of a condominium, retirement residence or long-term care facility will dictate what comes and what stays in storage. This is a project requires a strategy and action plan. We recommend you tackle this with lots of patience. Here are some tips to help you sort through practical items and accumulated treasures.

Picking a senior Mover

Pick a professional moving company that has experience moving seniors. Pick a mover who has a registered business and the proper insurance to cover damaged items. Do some cross-checking on how the company operates and how they treat their customers. Always get an in-person quote versus a verbal quote. Verbal quotes can turn into a situation where the price can go up and they hold your items hostage until you pay in full. Get the quote in writing.

Select furniture that will be needed

We highly recommend that you get a copy of floor plan for the new place. You can ask the realtor, landlord or property management company for this information. Next, start a list of select items that are functional and will fit on the floor plan. Save money by not keeping items you will not use. Take only enough furniture that will be required.

Sort through personal items

Personal items can take up a lot of space especially if your parents lived in a house. Select the items that can fit into the place and give your parents a good feeling. GO through their favorite framed photographs, treasured souvenirs, paintings and gifts. Keeping some of these items will help with their transition into the new place and offer something to talk about when friends and family come to visit.

Get rid of garbage

This is one of the most important parts of space saving. Every family has a collection of things like old dishes, clothes that don’t fit, books, magazines, unused or broken small appliances, and lamps. When you get rid of the obvious garbage it will help this project move smoothly.

Clear away old clothes

Sort through old clothing that is damaged or which does fit anymore. If your parents haven’t worn it in years, it’s time to go. If they are moving to a place where laundry services are offered, select clothing that will only require minimal care.

Hobby stuff

Go through hobby equipment and things that take up too much space. This usually this includes a collection of favorite books, hobby supplies, tools and board games. Pick only the items that will create an easier living space. They will need to adjust to a new environment.

Senior Packing help

Some movers offer packing services or full service moving services. Sometimes this can save you time and energy. Professional packers usually have insurance and will pack their items safely to prevent damages.

Downsizing is a challenging process and could be one of the most challenging projects that you and your parents will ever have to go through. We suggest that you take the extra time to listen, laugh and celebrate those old family memories with your parents.

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