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Apartment Moving and How to Book the Elevator

Apartment Moving and How to Book the Elevator

Congrats on finding your first home. It is time to move out of that condo or apartment in Hamilton, Ontario and into your new house.  You have already decided that you will be working with a professional moving company like Morrison Moving. Once you have selected your moving dates, it is time to book the movers.  Be smart and save yourself from a headache by booking everything in advance.  Unfortunately, many people who live in condos and apartments sometimes forget to book the elevator or moving company to the last minute, causing severe setbacks.

When you live in a high-rise building like a condo or apartment, they usually have a dedicated service elevator.  The building manager will put this elevator in service mode for the duration of your move, giving you and the movers particular use of the elevator. The best part is the doors stay open on the floor where you need it, so you can load the elevator with everything you need.

Make a Booking!

To make an elevator booking, the usual process is to fill out an application or request a reservation with the building management team. You will have to outline your moving date and time needed for the elevator on the application or form. Sometimes the building management team may charge a damage deposit to reserve the elevator. They may also carry out a pre-inspection and post-inspection of your unit, elevator and moving room.  In some situations, depending on where you live, you will be billed by the hour for your elevator reservation.  We recommend that you check your building’s moving policy to see if there are fees.

Planning is important.

Sometimes people that are moving underestimate the time that is required to book the service elevator. It is recommended that you ask your movers for the estimated time needed for elevators.  Inadequately planned bookings do not leave enough time to complete the move. Keep in mind that if another resident already has the elevator booked after you, you could be forced to wait for them to finish before you can complete your move. Being in this situation is inconvenient and will add charges at the end of the move because you must pay the moving company for the waiting period.

Investigate the Details

Apartment and condo buildings have policies around parking, moving room or dock.  Ask the building management team if there are any restrictions or special requirements that the movers should know about. Find out about the loading dock height maximum and if there are any clearance issues. The movers will bring a truck needing access to the loading zone. Make sure no one is blocking that space during your requested moving time with the building. Consider that a setback to your move would be if someone blocked the loading zone. Also, if you are using the packing services, make sure you reserve enough space for the truck in the parking area.  Some buildings require that the movers never use the main entrance.

Hire Morrison Moving

Picking a professional moving company like Morrison Moving can be one of the best decisions that you make. We are apartment & condo moving experts. We provide full-service moving, which includes professional packing services. We also provide regular moving servicesstorage and other services. It is a good idea never to accept verbal quotes over the phone.

Your move will be stress-free and go smoothly when you hire the moving team at Morrison Moving.



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