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How to move retro arcade or pinball machines

retro arcade or pinball machines

Sometimes our customers own retro arcade or pinball machines.  There are some essential things to consider when you plan on safely moving an arcade or pinball machine if you plan on doing the move yourself,  here some advice on how to move an arcade machine safely.

Clean your arcade or pinball machine

It’s a good idea to clean your retro arcade or pinball machine before you move it.  Make sure that the unit is unplugged and then get rid of the dirt and dust.   

Remove loose parts

Some pinball or arcade machines come apart.  Make sure that you take some photos and document the process while you disassemble the unit. Carefully pack each loose piece with bubble wrap, stretch wrap and moving blankets for safe travel. It is wise to remove the pinballs from the unit and put them in a safe place for moving. You can use painter’s tape to tape down the flippers to the sides of the machine. This will help to prevent damage. Take a look to see of the table’s legs can be removed. If they can we recommend that you remove them and wrap them with bubble wrap, stretch wrap and moving blankets. 

Take measurements

Make sure that you get a tape measure and the arcade or pinball machine.  Next measure and record all the doors and hallways in both your home and the new one.  Sometime you might need to remove doors off their hinges to get the unit through each location. It’s a great idea to avoid learning that it doesn’t fit through the door. Plan your route and remove any item that gets in your way. 

Use shrink wrap for protection

Go to your packing supply retailer and buy heavy-duty cling wrap. To prevent scratches on your machine, you will want to protect your machine with from getting scratched by using plastic wrap. This is perfect if you have to squeeze through doors and hallways.  Don’t use adhesive tape directly on the body of the machine itself. This will help to prevent damage and to have to paint the unit in your new home.  Use a moving dolly with straps especially if the unit is heavy. Get some help from your friends to move the unit. 

Blankets and padding

Make sure that you use moving blankets. You can rent or buy them for cheap from a mover or supply store. When loading your machine into the truck, wrap it in moving blankets and strap it so that it will be safe during transit. Make sure that you keep your arcade or pinball machine even. 

Outsource Professional Movers

To ensure that your arcade or pinball machine arrives safely to your new home, call Morrison Moving. We have trained professionals that are fully insured to handle your unit. We will use the best equipment and packing supplies to make sure your prized possession makes it to its new home safely.



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