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Choosing a Trustworthy Moving Company in 2024

Choosing a Trustworthy Moving Company in 2024

Unfortunately, not all movers are reputable and have honest employees. The fantastic news is that you have the tools at your fingertips to check online reviews, Better Business Bureau, and social media. Within minutes, you can read about other people’s experiences and see how the management team responds to negative reviews. To prevent a horrible moving experience, it’s recommended to spend some extra time finding the right moving company to help you move.

What can a dishonest employee or company can do?

  • Here’s a list of things that could happen:
  • Lost items
  • Stolen items
  • Lack of care
  • Rough with boxes and items causing damages
  • Causing damage to walls, doors, stairs and railings

Therefore it’s essential to take the time to do research and pick a company that’s known for providing exceptional and honest moving services.

Look out for these signs that could indicate an unprofessional company:

Unreal Pricing

A lot of us are trying to save money by cutting our expenses.  Sometimes moving can be expensive when you’re working with a reputable moving company.  Some people are likely going to choose the company that gives you the lowest price over the value of the service.  We recommend that you compare moving estimates. Make sure you get a written in-home estimate over a verbal quote.  Watch out for unreal pricing. You can get a good understanding of the prices when you start getting estimates.

No Insurance

Hiring a moving company without insurance is risky.  Reputable movers should have a variety of coverage options. Some movers have the insurance already included in the estimate. You will want the added protection in case things will get damaged or broken.  Find out what insurance options they offer by asking them directly. If you get excuses, don’t waste your time and call another mover.  You can also ask for proof of insurance. This can help to weed out the dishonest companies that will tell you they have it to get the sale.

No Address

All legitimate moving companies have a physical address. Ask to meet the movers at their location so you can verify it yourself. If you hear excuses, avoid hiring them.  If you look for a mover on classified websites like Kijiji, keep in mind that someone overseas can be pretending to be a local mover that wants to scam you on a deposit. Another thing to look out for is when a scammer says they are a professional mover, and then they show up to pack and load the truck. Then they drive away with all your belongings, never to be seen again. All they have to do is disconnect their phone numbers and shut down their website.  Professional moving companies need space to maintain their business and that’s why they need a physical location.

Hire the best moving company in the Hamilton Region

Morrison Moving offers everything that you need to make your move stress-free. We have been serving the Hamilton and Niagara Region for over 30 years. We are fully insured and have the best policies in place to protect our customers. We also provide outstanding customer service and support. We can provide everything you need for a stress-free move including professional packing services.



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