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Five Things to Consider When Piano Moving

You may not think that moving a piano is a big deal and that you could hire any old mover to do the job, think again. Moving a piano in Hamilton Ontario is a difficult task that requires skilled movers who have experience moving pianos and the proper equipment. Before you hire any old mover to handle your piano, here are a few things that you need to consider when hiring a piano mover in Hamilton Ontario.

The Weather
Some people don’t mind a nice snow day or ice storm, especially with its beauty all over the landscape and around the holidays. As a professional piano mover, it’s really easy to hate ice. Ice can be a big issue during a piano move because it can cause the movers to slip if ice is covering the streets, sidewalks or outdoor steps leading up to your home. We recommend that you pre-plan moving a piano when it's not icy or snowing.

The Traffic
Sometimes the size of a city and its parking congestion can make piano moving in Hamilton Ontario difficult. Not only is there a challenge with traffic but finding a spot to park during a piano move can be an undertaking. If you live downtown Hamilton, special planning may be required to make a move easier. If you live in the suburbs, piano moving is a lot easier.

The really good news is a short amount of time in the cold is not going to harm a piano noticeably. We recommend that you give the piano some time to warm up in its new location before using it. Sometimes the humidity in the winter can cause the piano’s wood sounding boards to shrink a little during moving. It’s critical to understand that the increase in humidity will most likely change the pitch of the piano. We recommend getting a room humidifier or dehumidifier to help your piano.

Without using an anti-gravity device and moving it out of the window horizontally and down to the moving truck, tuning may be necessary to the piano after the move.

Even if the piano movers are perfectly careful handling your piano, it probably will need tuning once it gets to the new location. Pianos are precision instruments and movements are going to put some stress on the joints where it was put together. Moving a piano down some steps or along a bumpy road can put more stress on the piano than you think. Many experts recommend that you should wait a couple of weeks for the piano to get settled before tuning it.

Movers Verses Piano Movers
A regular moving company usually has no experience moving a piano. They don't have the proper equipment, insurance or skills for the job. Unfortunately, if something happens when you choose a regular mover, you might learn a hard lesson about accountability. We recommend hiring a professional piano mover with a good track record to handle your prized possession. Do so research on some piano movers. Cross check mover reviews and pick one based on skill set over price. Being cheap could turn into a piano moving nightmare.

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