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Will movers assemble and disassemble furniture?

Will movers assemble and disassemble furniture?

This is the most common question in the moving industry. Yes, movers will disassemble and assemble your furniture. Many items, including bed frames and furniture, must be taken apart to move them safely.

Most of the time, furniture items will not require disassembly. However, the most common things to be disassembled are large tables, desks, bed frames, and more.

Many people who have assembled a piece of furniture like Ikea’s items sometimes can’t fit it through the door. When this happens, your movers will determine how to disassemble and prepare the item for transport.

To save time and money, we recommend that you try disassembling furniture yourself in advance. Ask your friends and family for some help. Make sure you keep ALL the screws, bolts and parts in a ziplock bag. Take photos of things you need to resemble and label the ziplock bag correctly.

If you have the budget for a full-serve moving, have the movers do it. They will make sure the items are disassembled correctly and reassembled at your new location correctly. This service also includes professional packing and all your packing supplies.

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