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Why You Should Use Specialty Boxes When Moving

Why You Should Use Specialty Boxes When Moving

For some people, moving can be very stressful! It’s already time-consuming enough when planning for the move and packing. We asked our professional movers if they had any tips for packing and they said that specialty moving boxes work great and these types of boxes can ensure that your items are safe and secure while in transit. Here is what you need to know about these type of boxes and the different ones that are available.

Specialty Boxes

Wardrobe Boxes

To save yourself time folding your clothes and putting them in separate boxes, we recommend using wardrobe boxes. The best thing about wardrobe boxes is that they can handle up to 100 pounds of clothing. Most wardrobe boxes come with a bar that’s included that allow you to hang your clothes and offer a double wall. All you have to do is transfer the clothes from your closet to the box’s rack. This will save you lots of time folding and is very useful for people who own lots of pressed suits, pants, or dresses.

Plastic Moving Boxes

For some people, cardboard boxes are not an option. Plastic moving boxes keep your items protected from dirt, dust, water, and you can stack them on each other while in transport. Plastic moving boxes can be rented or purchased. Morrison Moving rents plastic moving boxes. Plastic moving boxes can fit in the trunk of your vehicle or storage or your basement. The good news is you can store them in places that have some moisture, and the contents will not be affected.

Glassware Boxes

Everyone hates when their plates, glasses, and other fragile dishes get damaged while in transport. For glassware, it’s highly recommended to use glassware boxes to help stop cracks and breaks. These solid boxes are built to handle the pressure of other boxes piled on top. It’s also smart to uses an assortment of packing materials to prevent items from shifting.

Electronic & TV Boxes

Unfortunately, some people get rid of or recycle the packaging for their electronics boxes. If this is your situation, you can purchase special boxes built to protect your electronics. These boxes are best to protect TV’s, laptops, gaming consoles, tablets, and more. These boxes come in a variety of sizes.

Picture & Mirror Boxes

These boxes are perfect for mirrors and picture frames. They are designed to protect items from getting damaged or cracked during transport.

Specialty Moving

Moving is all about the people who help you move, and that’s why it’s crucial to find the right team that has the best equipment and skills needed to make your moving experience stress-free. Morrison Moving can help you with full-service movingmovingpacking services, unpacking servicesspecialty movingpiano moving, storage solutions, and more. We are a full-service moving company that is dedicated to giving our customers the best support and customer service.



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