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What is an In Home Estimate?

What is an In Home Estimate?

Now that you have a list of some probable movers, the next thing to do is to get in touch with each of them for an estimate. It is extremely important for you to get an in-home estimate from the companies that you are considering and they need to be written and signed. That will help protect you after the move and there will be no disagreement about the terms of the agreement.  We recommend that you try to get estimates from a minimum of three different moving companies. This strategy will allow you to compare prices and services.  Most professional moving companies provide free estimates.

To avoid a moving nightmare you should not choose a mover who refuses in-home estimates. This is a red flag! Never trust anyone who claims that they can provide an accurate estimate over the phone or email without evaluating your possessions. Moving consultants who come to your home can identify any issues with stairs, irregular items, and other obstacles that could increase the price of your move. The in-home estimate will be an accurate estimate of your total weight.

Express extreme caution when getting low-ball estimates. If the mover says that they can do the job for a lot less than others,  ask a lot of questions. There have been several occasions where the mover will stick you with plenty of extra charges once your belongings are on their truck and the doors have been padlocked. If this happens,  your chances of avoiding the extra charges are greatly reduced.

What Type of Moving Estimates Are There?

Many moving companies in Hamilton, Ontario, provide one of three types of estimates.


A binding estimate is where you are obligated to pay just the stated price, even if the total amount of the move is less or higher than the estimate.


When you receive a non-binding estimate, there is no assurance of what the final cost will be.


This kind of estimate is called different things by numerous movers, including”guaranteed price” or”price protection”,

Decide on a Mover

After carefully comparing moving company estimates, you might be prepared to make your choice. We recommend that you contact that company and select your moving dates.

After you will receive an official document known as an order for service, which will have the agreed-on price from the estimate. Once you sign the document and return it, you can relax unless something changes before your moving day.  The mover will provide you with a document with Your Rights and Responsibilities.

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