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Top Moving Mistakes to Avoid

The excitement and pressure associated with moving from one house to another can cause you to make mistakes. Moving is a tiresome task that involves various chores. The steps range from hiring the right movers, making a list of things to pack, equipment required for packing and the process of packing itself. To successfully avoid these mistakes, you first need to know these common mistakes. Here we present a compiled list of the top mistakes you need to avoid for your ease. 

Research Properly to Avoid Picking the Wrong Moving Company

Do your research properly before signing the contract with the movers. If you do not do so, it can cause problems later on. Once you commit to the deal, you cannot object to their actions. You will find lots of moving services providers; do not make the mistake of thinking all have equal standards. How to find the right movers? Well, get referrals, read reviews and contact more than two companies on the phone to acquire information and estimates. You cannot afford to risk your financial investment and mental peace; therefore, try your maximum to avoid hiring without thorough analysis. To find a confirmed list of reputed moving companies, you can visit the Canadian Association of Movers. Your effort, in the beginning, can yield positive results until the end of the moving process. You will do yourself a huge favour if you get multiple quotes and compare different moving companies.  

Make Sure You Get the Right Insurance

Ask the moving company for insurance for damage to personal property during the moving process. You get protection for your belongings from the homeowners and renters policies; while the belongings are inside the house. While during the move only the mover company you hired can provide you with insurance. Look for moving agreements that are inclusive of insurance and protection. Professional movers offer you coverage for your belongings; make sure to hire a professional moving company. Before committing to the contract, consult your insurance professional to seek help on the current policy to understand all your options carefully. Insurance or protection plans are of different kinds. See the following here: 

  1. Special risks coverage that covers breakage of any fragile items. 
  2. Travel accident insurance covers your personal property in case of perils like fire, theft or disappearances. 
  3. Floater fully covers damage to high-value objects, for instance, jewellery, antiques, collectables, and other fine arts. 
  4. Storage insurance is provided if you desire to temporarily or permanently store your personal property.  

Time-Mismanagement during Packing

If you think you can easily throw things into the packing boxes at the last moment - you are wrong. Give the packing process ample time so you can safely transfer your belongings to the new place. IT is ideal if you can pre-plan and assign time to pack each room separately. Proper packing with padding (bubble wraps, towels or papers) can protect your items from damage. Stress leads humans to commit errors; if you give yourself enough time, you will not be stressed and least likely to make mistakes. 

So what is the required time for packing? That depends on the number of items to pack. The ideal choice will be to start packing 3-6 weeks before the final date. A realistic estimate of the number of rooms and quantity of belongings can help you allot time for packing. Packing delicate items can take more time, so carefully examine the nature of things to be packaged.  

Never Pack Belongings during the Move Day

Packing during the moving process is the least feasible method. Even if you live in a studio and think you do not need to pack beforehand, you are wrong. Packing items for the move is a task that demands time. Doing packing at the last moment can lead to damaged items, unlabelled boxes, forgotten items and lost boxes. Another mistake people are likely to make is to leave a few items outside until move day. It can take your time, slow down the movers and cost you extra pennies for waiting time. Each extra added minute can prolong the overall process of moving, and the moving company will charge you for it on the final bill. If you need external assistance in packing, you can ask helpers to bring all necessary supplies earlier, make sure everything is packed nicely days before the final move day.  

Do not Pack Heavy Items in Large Boxes

There is a first time for everything. No one is born skilled in packing. But guidance is always available for learners. You can check online for packing tips and methods. You can learn which items to wrap in what packing material and the right packing boxes to use. Packing in large containers can increase the weightof the containers excessively. Research can tell you the ideal size of the packing boxes and which items to pack inside. We provide you with the following information on packing boxes to ease the process for you. There are three kinds of cartons used for packing purposes: folding cartons, rigid boxes, and corrugated boxes. Store small and heavy objects like books or photo albums in cube boxes.  

In a nutshell, Morrison Moving is a moving company in Hamilton, Ontario cares for you; therefore, we have provided a comprehensive and helpful list of things not to do while moving. Doing perfect things means making no mistakes. At every step of your move, we are happy to help and guide you in all the possible ways.  

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