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Top Effective Tips for Winter Moving

The idea of moving during winter, especially in Canada's snowy and cold winter, seems terrifying. Are you stressed because you have an unavoidable move ahead? Winters are chilly, and roads with lots of snow. It is hard to accomplish any outdoor task in this weather, but did you know there are perks to winter moving? Yes, hard to believe, but certainly are positive aspects to moving in winter. Benefits such as low real estate prices, moving companies have more free slots, and reduced moving fees by companies. We at Morrison Moving offer you practical moving tips to comfortably complete the moving process in the chilly winter season.  

Plan Ahead of Time

The first thing you should do is plan if you have a move coming. Check the weather report for your move day. You don't want to be stuck in circumstances where your move coincides with the worst winter storm. The ideal approach is to have a backup date for you. Another thing to plan ahead is picking the right movers. Finding a good moving company requires time and research. A valuable tip for your winter move is: choose morning time for the house move.  

Hire Professional Movers 

When moving during the winter, don't wait until the last minute to hire a moving company. Do the research and work with a reputable company. Examine their company policies. Do they pay for any items that are damaged during the move? What are their policies in the event of bad weather? Even in the dead of winter, a reputable, proficient mover will give you peace of mind that your belongings will arrive safely.  

Pay Extra Attention to Preparation

If you spend one week on move preparations, increase it to two weeks. Preparation for moving your house during winter involves indoor and outdoor chores. Moving in snowy weather requires you to clear the outdoor pathways. Remove snow from the path by using a shovel or by adding salt. Avoid bringing wet shoes inside the house to protect floors. Use blankets to clean snow-wet shoes or change shoes. A muddy floor surface can disturb moving by dirting the boxes.  

Protect Appliances and Furniture

Protect your larger appliances, furniture, artwork, and other valuables from water damage when it's snowing or raining. Extended exposure to the cold could cause damage to wooden furniture or electronics. Cover these objects with extra sheets, plastic, or towels to keep them secure and winter-proof. Ensure that any materials covering your appliances or furnishings are firmly fastened and will not slip away while loading on the truck.  

Prepare Well for Delays

Unlike a spring or summer move, unforeseen delays can happen in a winter move. We recommend you prepare for unexpected delays and longer travel times. Allowing enough time means taking your time and arriving safely at your destination. Take warm drinks with you to provide the movers and others. Before you leave, double-check that there are no accidents or road closures on your route. If you're driving in the winter on a snowy day, the road conditions could be dangerous. 


In conclusion, winter moving has its own benefits such as better prices for a new home. So, following this guideline, you can ensure a professional move even during cold weather. It might take you longer to prepare. But the more time you allow, the safer the house move will be. Plan ahead of time and pick experienced movers. Weatherproof your packed belongings, especially appliances and furniture and you will be good to go.  

Move with Morrison Moving

Employ Morrison Moving for a safer and quicker move during winters. Morrison Moving, Hamilton, ON, use its 30 years of experience to provide you with a better winter move experience. 

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