Tips to Use Plastic Wrap for Moving

Tips to Use Plastic Wrap for Moving

Packing and unpacking, without the help of professional movers, is one of the most strenuous tasks one has to do. The process starts after you decide on what stuff to take along. Bubble wrap, plastic wrap, and cardboard boxes are some of the common packing materials. Most of us are aware of this packing material usage. The correct use of plastic wrap will immensely help you with your packing needs. The following tips will help maximize plastic wrap's versatility, affordability, and recyclability. 

To Hold Back Doors, Drawers, and Panels of the Furniture 

One significant mistake people make is that they do not secure the compartments of their bulky furniture. Packing on their own may lead to property damage or injury if anything pops out while transporting. You can avoid such incidents simply by wrapping plastic around such areas of the furniture. Some people use sticky tape to do the same, but that leaves an ugly residue on the furniture, destroying the neat finish. 

To Pack Drawers along with their Contents

Suppose you want to put less time and effort into packing. In that case, you can wrap stretchable plastic around the drawers with their contents. It saves much effort as unpacking gets easy; you only have to remove the plastic stretch wrap, and you are good to go. One thing you should keep in mind while doing this is that the contents of the drawers are unbreakable items such as clothes, bedding, or other stuff. 

To Secure Things Together as a Bundle 

Several small boxes can be combined and wrapped in plastic, creating one large container. In the moving truck, plastic wrap can help you organize things and take up less space by bundling them together. Detached furniture pieces such as legs and boards can be secured as one item by wrapping plastic around them. You can pack kitchen items in the same way. You can minimize the labour of carrying delicate items such as pillows and stuffed toys by grouping them in plastic wrap. 

To Avoid the Mess Created by Spills

Spills create havoc leading to increased labour and sometimes destruction of precious items. The plastic wrap comes to the rescue as it can efficiently avoid this added labour. You can remove the cap from the bottle of the liquid (shampoo, oils, conditioners, juices), cover it in plastic wrap, and close the bottle cap. This step makes it leak-proof. You can add a second step by putting all such items in a zip-lock bag. 

To Provide Protection from Dust, Dirt, and Moisture

Your stuff is susceptible to dust and harsh environmental conditions while transporting, and you would not want to clean up all your belongings once you reach your new place. You can simply use a cling wrap around your items to avoid this. It creates a durable and thin layer around, giving it maximum protection against dust and water if it starts raining on the way. This way, you will only have to remove the wrapping and put the things in their places without having to clean them once you start unpacking at your new place.

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