Tips for Seniors to Prevent Getting Scammed by a Mover

Tips for Seniors to Prevent Getting Scammed by a Mover

You often hear seniors are susceptible to various scams, including moving scams. Scammers target the elderly because they are perceived as wealthy and vulnerable. Moving is a stressful experience, and seniors might feel it more than others. The moving process involves a series of phases, from packing to shifting, and each one demands attention and care. Picking a moving company is the most crucial phase in the relocation or moving plan. Scams happen when a client falls for a crooked moving company. 

Most moving scam complaints submitted to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) are of online scams. Scammer movers demand hefty deposits, advance payments, verbal contracts, false estimates and fraud in weight and delivery. The good news is the best Hamilton movers, Morrison Moving, wants to save you from such scams. Therefore, we have compiled a list of warning signs and helpful tips to protect seniors from moving scams. 

Red Flags of a Scammer Moving Company 

Read these common warning signs of scammer movers and be cautious when picking one. Scammer moving companies share the following characteristics. Their website does not have an authentic local address. When contacted by prospects - they identify themselves as movers or moving companies instead of a company name. They do not do an on-site inspection and provide estimates by phone calls. A scammer mover will try to get your signatures on blank or partially filled documents, which can be dangerous for you later. Another red flag of scammer moving company you should be cautious about is the absence of registration or insurance information on their website.  

How Seniors Can Avoid Getting Scammed by a Mover 

The seniors and elders can avoid being scammed by deceitful moving companies by following these three tips.   

Cross Check Reviews

Cross-checking a company's reputation from customer reviews is an effective practice that helps avoid scams. Now the thing is how and where you can cross-check reviews. Well, you can check client reviews on their official website and compare these with reviews and comments on their social media accounts. An authentic moving company will have a good rating on Google and other search engines. Comparing reviews gives you a clear idea about previous customers' experiences with the moving company of your interest. You can also ask friends, family, neighbours, and realtors to get referrals for the best movers in town. The Better Business Bureau and the Canadian Association of Movers provide substantial resources to examine any moving company's background. 

Check the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is committed to protecting consumers and connecting them with trustworthy service providers. You can find any business on the BBB business category listing for Canada. BBB is another effective method to find reputable business companies. Find BBB ratings and customer reviews, and get in touch with your local BBB.

BBB Central Ontario's Better Business Bureau Canadian version of its BBB Scam Tracker is situated in Kitchener and serves more than 8 million consumers and thousands of companies. Scam Tracker is a free, searchable and mappable online database of all scams reported to the Better Business Bureau.  

Be Cautious of Verbal Quotes. Get in Writing.

Avoid hiring a moving company that refuses to provide a written quote or claims to calculate the fee after loading. Hire a moving company that is committed to documenting everything. Quotes and estimates given over the phone are not legally binding. Scammer movers try to close a deal with clients over the phone to avoid a legally binding contract. Always draw up a written contract. A moving contract includes all essential details such as an estimate, an inventory, an order for service, pickup and delivery times, a list of services offered by the mover, and a bill of lading. Any possible adjustments should also be written down in the contract beforehand. We recommend you get the contact information for both the driver and the moving company.  


When looking for the best Hamilton Movers, follow these three approaches and save yourself from a scam. Besides these, consider planning the move - it always helps you make an informed decision. When seniors plan their move, they will have more time to research and inquire about different moving companies.  

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