Tips for How to Move Your Home Office

Tips for How to Move Your Home Office

Moving can be stressful, especially moving a home office. If you happen to be someone that works from home and is moving soon, many things must be done in advance to save time and prevent setbacks. Here is our list of tasks that you should do before moving.  

Bring essential equipment with you

As you start to prepare your home office for a move, we recommend that you take essential office equipment, such as laptops or computers, with you to get up and running asap. Check with your moving company and see their policies when it comes to electronics and office equipment. 

Confidential files

Do you have any confidential files that need to be moved? This is something to consider when preparing for your home to be moved. We suggest using lockable totes or a lockable file vault. You may also want to transport those files separately from your household items. 

Back up your data

It's a great time to do a full backup just in case something happens. While movers are cautious with electronics, they have no control over conditions like temperature or the weather. Sometimes cold weather can cause damage to electronics causing damage, so be proactive and back your data up your data. Bring your backup with you and make sure you understand the mover's electronics policy. 

Make a plan

One of the things that you should consider before the move is how your office will be set up at your new home.  Take some time to measure the room and make sure that things will fit. Setbacks waste time and could cause you extra charges with the movers. Make a solid plan ahead of time so you are ready to go.  You can find free apps that you can use to make up a floor plan for your new office. 

Take photos

Most people can't remember who things were set up, so it's essential to take pictures of the wiring and setup. Take pictures of the entire office, so you’ll remember how things fit together.  Also, label cords as you begin disassembling things and keep screws, nuts, and bolts in a bag taped to the item. 

Pack with the original packaging

If you have saved the original packaging for any of your electronic products, it may be helpful to use that packaging because they provide a safe and secure method of transportation. If you don’t have the proper packaging,  ask your mover if they have special boxes to help you prepare your home office. Consider using their professional packing services

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare and plan.  This can ensure that everything is thought through and will help with a stress-free move.  Consider using Morrison Moving for your move. Our professionals have over 30 years of experience moving and offer the best customer service.  See our reviews! No job is too big or too small.



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