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The Warning Signs of a Fake Mover

The Warning Signs of a Fake Mover

Moving can be complicated and emotional and could end up being costly.  Unfortunately, there are moving scams that target people that are looking for a significant discount.  Usually, these scams are from an unlicensed business that may do anything to take your money.  To better understand this issue, we spoke with Michael Morrison from Morrison Moving , to help provide tips on spotting a fake mover.

Movers With Negative Reviews:

When shopping around for a mover, make sure you cross-check each of them. Look at their ratings and reviews on Google and the Better Business Bureau. Check out their negative reviews first to see how they responded. On the BBB, you’ll be able to see if the company has been incorporated, online complaints, company information and their rating.

No Written Estimate:

Before hiring a moving company, you should receive a written estimate of how much everything will cost. A professional company will come to your house or condo to accurately determine the size of your move and how many items you have. A written estimate will help you lock in a price. Fake movers are known to quote verbally over the phone and refuse to visit your home.

Strange Estimates:

Although it might be appealing to go with the cheapest moving estimate, we suggest getting multiple estimates.  A scammer will provide unusually low estimates to trick the customer. Always get at least three different moving estimates from three companies. Having this information will allow you to make an informed decision when comparing.

Demanding A Down Payment

Sometimes, you will have to pay down to hold your move date. This can be normal and should not exceed 20% of your total move.  An indication that you might be working with a scammer is if they ask for a large cash deposit or demand you make full payment in advance.

Unmarked Trucks:

A reputable moving company will proudly display their logo on their trucks. You should see their company name, address, website or phone number. Rogue mover pretends to be popular, so if they show up in a truck without branding, be cautious. Don’t let them in your home.

Movers Are Not Trained:

Professional Hamilton movers should know everything about moving.  Look for movers who don’t act the part. Also, if you bring up questions about their claims process, and they don’t know anything, this could signify that you might have a scammer.

Hiring a moving company based on value will help you avoid getting scammed. Make sure that you are diligent when looking for movers. It’s a good idea to meet the mover at their office location. This will allow you to view their office, get an estimate and more. During the whole process, it’s crucial to be alert about anything that seems too good to be true.  Morrison Moving has been moving people for over 30 years. They have built a reputation for being honest, caring, and efficient.

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