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The Best Way to Pack Fragile Items

The Best Way to Pack Fragile Items

Some people who are moving worry about packing fragile items and wonder if their valuable, delicate items will make it to their new home in one piece. Enough planning can take the anxiety out of moving some fragile items. Morrison Moving has been packing and moving fragile items for over 30 years. We have handled all kinds of breakable objects and learned the best ways to transport them to their destination safely.  We asked our expert packers for their advice on packing fragile items, and this is what they said:

Small Items

Sometimes, smaller fragile items can cause people anxiety. This part is excellent for smaller fragile items like glass, china, dishes, and small picture frames.  Getting the right packing materials will help go a long way to ensure your peace of mind while moving.  Purchase lots of packing paper,  bubble wrap, and shrink wrap.  Start the packing process by using a sturdy moving box. We recommend using a new box to pack up your fragile items for that extra security. Never settle on mediocre quality boxes when it comes to your valuables.  Older boxes can break down or puncture, causing your items to get damaged during the move.  Next, you should wrap all the valuable things with bubble wrap or packing paper. It’s ideal to wrap things like cups and plates individually to prevent friction. Never fill these boxes full because you don’t want your items coming in contact with other things. Leave extra room in each box as a buffer and then stuff that extra space with packing paper or bubble wrap to ensure that your items won’t shift during transit.

Large Items

For larger items that don’t fit in a moving box, we suggest that you use moving blankets to handle all your fragile items. These blankets are large and sturdy enough to add that extra layer of protection for items like tables, mirrors, antique furniture, and artwork.  Morrison Moving professional movers usually combine cut cardboard pieces from other moving boxes and put them together to create a larger box that acts like a crate. For your precious large items, some people opt-in to use custom-built crates that are made of wood.  They choose to use these types of crates to help them provide maximum security and protection.  Ask your moving company to see if they can provide you with this service or build your custom crates.

Full-Service Moving

Most customers go with the full service moving option, which includes professional packing services. This is the easiest way to ensure that your fragile items are packed properly is with a professional packer. The advantage of this service is that the professional packers have experience packing fragile items and are fully insured. Plus, they don’t cheap out on packing materials and work with high-quality packing products to ensure that all your items are transported safely. Morrison Moving offers the best protection for fragile items because we are a full service moving company. Unfortunately, when amateurs are moving, they are more likely to mismanage fragile items and cause damage. Full-service moving service offers to handle all facets, from packing to transportation to unpacking.  It’s worth the investment.  Our moving team will take all the proper steps during the move to protect your items from damage, and we have insurance as well.



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