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The best way to pack books for moving

The best way to pack books for moving

There is a better way to move books! Use our packing and moving tips to learn how to pack books for moving.

1. Sorting your books

Sort through your books and decide which ones you want to take. We recommend that you start early so you can take your time. Now that you’ve gone through the books and made the decision on which books your keeping you now can decide what to do with the unwanted books. Here are a few options.

  • Yard Sale
  • Give them to friends
  • Donate your books

2. Group your books by size

You will notice that your books come in many different sizes. We recommend sorting your books by size and using a Tetris packing strategy.

3. Use small boxes

Books can be very heavy when packed into a box. The best way to pack books is to use small boxes with a weight capacity of 40/50 lbs. This will make moving books easier and safer. We suggest that you use strong boxes lined with packing paper and sealed well with tape. Add some extra tape to the bottom where the seam is formed.

4. Use a rolling suitcase

Rolling suitcases are great vessels for transporting books because they are sturdy, have lots of space, and come with wheels for easy transportation.

5. Pack books by weight

Put heavy books on the bottom, medium-weight books in the middle, and light books on top to prevent books from getting crushed.

6. Use packing materials

You want to fill any gaps with packing materials. Use clothes to fill in the gaps; this is a great way to reduce waste and pack a few more things.

7. Label each box

Add labels to each box with a warning. For example: “Books, This End Up.” These labels will notify anyone picking up and moving your boxes that the box is heavy and fragile.

No matter how many books you have, Morrison Moving can quickly move them for you. Our team of professional movers is experienced and careful. We are fully insured and we will take care of all your belongings, and deliver them safely to your new home.



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