The Best Storage Tips - Making Storage Work For You

The Best Storage Tips - Making Storage Work For You

When moving, both short and long-term storage options can provide a solution for your house belongings during a transition or if you require more space in your home. Most people have some issues when figuring out how to pack a storage unit. Our expert movers and packers have some tips to help ensure that you’re optimizing your storage to its full potential. Here are some storage tips below and advice to handle your storage like a professional.

How to Choose a Storage Unit

It's important for you to pick a reliable storage company to prevent setbacks. When you store your items with a third party, you need to be assured that your items are protected properly. We recommend that you do some research and cross-checking to find a storage company that has a proven track record. Read reviews to see how they interact with their customers before booking a unit. Never pick price over value. Some people learn a hard lesson about storing their items with a sketchy storage company to save money. Ask your friends and family for referrals. Morrison Moving offers reliable storage services for the short and long term.

Plan Ahead

It’s a lot better to start early when searching for a moving and storage company so you can choose the right one. Never pick a storage company based on an impulsive decision. This will also allow you to find availability. Your decision should be based on the size, price, and convenience of the unit.

Take Inventory

We highly recommend that you take inventory to make your life easier. This helps you to determine what size unit you will need and it will help you stay organized. Make a general list of what items you want to keep in the unit.

Label Your Boxes

It's a wise decision to label all your boxes. This will help you find things you need easily. Once all the things are sealed up and out of sight, you may forget what is in each box. Also labelling your boxes makes the unpacking more efficient.

Don't Store Valuable Items

We recommend that you should never put valuable items into your storage unit. This is just a precaution because some items are priceless. Your belongings will be safe and secure, however, just fine and self-storage can come with a risk that items may get damaged or lost. Keep your personal valuable items with you.

Pack Properly

Avoid damages by packing each box properly. Furniture should always be covered with blankets and anything small should be boxed up. Carefully wrap fragile items with packing paper and place them securely so they can’t move around.

Get Insurance

We suggest that you review your renters or homeowners insurance to see if they cover storage. If it doesn’t you should purchase a separate storage insurance plan to protect yourself. Having extra protection just in case will let you feel less stressed.

Get a Strong Lock

Never use a dollar store lock to protect your items. Spend more and get a sturdy lock that can’t be easily tampered with.

Morrison Moving is a Hamilton Mover that provides storage solutions for our customers that are alarm-protected and climate-controlled units. This is a perfect storage solution for anyone who needs reliable storage for personal items. We offer eight-foot pallet boxes. They are stored directly in our warehouse until you ask for them back.


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