Couple planning their moving budget for 2022

The Best Moving Budget For 2024

Last-minute moving can be costly and go over budget!  Sometimes people don't plan in advance for their relocation and end up paying more for last-minute moving services.

Having to pay more is usually because of poor planning. It is recommended to plan your moving budget,  so you can know what the entire move will cost.  The costs of moving can quickly add up.

This knowledge will be beneficial and will influence your move. 

Start by getting a couple of in-home estimates from some reputable moving companies in your area. Those estimates will help you gauge the costs of a professional mover. Ask plenty of questions to find out what's included and what is not. Ask about extra charges and what they entail. Ask about what they don't handle so you can plan for items that require special handling. Cross-check online reviews to make sure the company has a solid reputation to avoid headaches. Book the mover that offers the best customer service and support. Don't pick a mover based on the lowest price. Not all movers are equal when it comes to service. 

If you require short term or long term storage services,  you will need to calculate the costs of storage and transportation fees and labour for moving your items to the storage facility. 

You might need to consider the extra costs associated with buying and selling your current home.  The moving budget should take into account fees related to the real estate attorney, title fees, realtor commissions, inspections, or appraisals.  

If you are moving from a rental unit, consider the charges related to the cleaning of the unit and repairs that may be required before you move.  

Below is a list to help you properly plan for your moving budget. 

- Added insurance

- Extra Fees for fuel and labor

- Professional packing charges

- Delays for real estate closing

- Last-minute changes

- Last-minute charges

- Extra mileage

- When more movers are required

- Extra travel time

- Special handling fees for items not included

- Short term and long term storage costs

- Boxes

- Packing material

- Meals

- Breaks

- Pet Care

- Lodging if required

- Repairs

- Cleaning services or supplies

- Repairs to home or rental property

- Deposits

- Legal fees

- Inspections 

Why you should choose Morrison Moving 

Morrison Moving always provides in-home estimates that are solid. We have built a solid reputation in Hamilton and the Niagara Region for outstanding customer service and support. We are fully insured, and our staff works hard to give our clients the best service possible because they care. We are a one-stop-shop for everything moving. We also provide full service moving options, professional packing, senior moving, piano moving, specialty item moving, and more. We have a large fleet and plenty of staff to take on any move, whether it's residential or commercial.



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