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The Average Cost of Professional Movers in Hamilton

The Average Cost of Professional Movers in Hamilton

You just found a new home, and you are moving soon. You may be wanting to know what the average price is for hiring a moving company in Hamilton. When shopping around for Hamilton movers, keep in mind that not all movers are not equal, especially when it comes to pricing and service. Take that into consideration that you get what you pay for.

With hundreds of professional moving companies in Hamilton, Ontario, it is simple to fall victim to bait and switch pricing strategies from dishonest movers found online. We will explain how to protect yourself from moving scams.


It’s always beneficial to hire professional movers over a group of friends. They are insured if something happens to your items during moving. Movers are accountable, insured, trained and have experience. When professionals handle your belongings, there is less risk of damage.

Things to Consider

  1.  How many movers do I need?
  2.  Do I want full service?
  3.  Are there extra fees?
  4.  How many trucks are required?
  5.  Do I need packing services?
  6.  Should I rent plastic moving boxes?
  7.  What is the reputation of the moving company?
  8.  Is insurance included or extra?
  9.  How much for extra movers?



The average cost for hiring movers in Hamilton is usually based on the size of your home. All prices will vary based on what your moving package includes. The basic package usually includes wardrobe boxes, dollies, moving blankets, and stretch wrap. Extra things to consider are packing services, full-service movesplastic moving box rentals, extra movers, gas surcharges, insurance and tips.

Basic rates for Hamilton moving services will be determined by each moving company.

Here are some basic examples of the size of residence, hours and staff required.

Keep in mind this is just an example and may vary.

Bachelor/Studio (600 sq. ft.)
4-6 Hour, + 2 Movers

One Bedroom (600-750 sq. ft.)
4-6 Hours, +2 Movers

Two Bedroom (700 – 1000 sq. ft.)
6-8+ Hours, + 3/4 Movers

Large home (1200-1500 sq. ft.)
8-10+ Hours, +4/6 Movers

Extra Large Home (2500-4000 sq. ft)
10-12+ Hours, + 6/8 Movers

Many times movers will want to quote you over the phone. We recommend that you express caution with verbal quotes and request an in-home estimate.
It’s a good idea to determine if the quote is non-binding, binding, or binding not to exceed. Morrison Moving offers free moving quotes online.

Choose Morrison Moving

Consider calling Morrison Moving for all your moving needs. We offer full service and regular moving packages.
We provide the best in customer service and support in Hamilton Ontario. Get a quote today.



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