Summer Moving Tips 2022 -  Hamilton ON

Summer Moving Tips

Summertime moving is the most popular time of the year. This is when kids are out of school, graduates are relocating to start their new careers and when homeowners buy new homes. Individuals and family members tend to pick to move over the summer months over other times of the year. Here are some tips that will make your move easier.

Establishing a timeline

Making a timeline will make sure everything’s done well beforehand. We recommend contacting Hamilton Movers several months in advance to plan your moving dates. Make sure you have the moving company comes to your home to properly quote you. Never take a quote over the phone. Make the move easier by taking photos of every room, so set-up goes quickly once the movers arrive. The familiarity of the setup will also help children adjust more quickly to their new home. Gather important copies of documents and records and put them in a special box you’ll take with you.  

Go through your items

This is the perfect time to lessen your load. We suggest that you start weeding through the items that you want to take with you. Discard items that you no longer use. A great example of this is something that you haven’t used in a long time. We recommend that you give it away. Take all your unused items and place them into a donation box. Some people collect butter tubs. Those items can go into the recycle bin. All thing that is damaged or doesn’t work should be throw-out. Designate an area in your home for packed boxes. Make sure you label each box to make finding things easier.

Confirm your reservation

Weeks before the move, you should confirm your reservation with the moving company that you contracted. You can ask them what items that they don’t allow on their trucks allow so that you can take them with you or dispose of them.

Pets and kids

If you have pets, you should ask friends or family to look after them for a few days. If they can’t call some pet-friendly hotels to get some rates. Create a bundle of activities for kids that may keep them busy as well. Also, understand that summertime moving is particularly stressful for children, reassuring them that everything will turn out great. Finally, ensure you have all your cleaning products handy, so you can wipe things down.

Separate the items that you will take with you

We suggest that you separate the items that you want to take with you from the ones that go with the movers. Try to eat foods that don’t require much washing such as frozen dinners, sandwiches and cereal. Be sure that you bring an “open up first” box in your automobile that will contain pans and pots, silverware and other important things. Check with the city and the hydro company to confirm their services have been cancelled or switched over to your new address. You can go to the post office and pay to have your mail sent to your new address.

When your moving day arrives, you need to be ready to go. If you’re moving, be sure you have adequate help.  Consider using Morrison Moving to make your moving experience stress-free. We are the preferred movers in Hamilton. Get five-star moving services at a rate you can afford. We have been voted the best movers in Hamilton by the Readers Choice Awards and CHCH.



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