Six Questions To Ask Your Mover

Six Questions To Ask Your Mover

Moving to a new home can be extremely exciting. However, it can also be incredibly stressful for some. It can also be challenging to get your family and friends to help. Hiring a professional mover to help is ideal.

Searching for a moving company can be stressful, especially after hearing stories about people who have been taken advantage of and ripped off. We recommend asking these six questions to get the best value, price, and quality of service. Start doing your research, cross-check, and get a couple of quotes to understand the rates better. Then make your decision based on the best value for your money.

Here are six questions to ask when getting quotes from movers: 

Are you fully insured for accidents and damages?

Knowing if the moving company has the proper insurance to cover you in case of damages or an accident is essential. Ask to see proof of insurance. Protect your intersts. 

Do you do in-home estimates?

It would be best if you got an in-home estimate from the moving companies you are considering. Estimates must be written and signed to help protect you after the move. This document will give you the proof you need, and there will be no disagreement about the terms of the agreement.

Are there extra charges above the written estimate?

A reliable moving company will provide you with a written estimate of all the charges. We recommend that you review the estimate carefully.  Ask the movers to explain things you do not understand. Look for exclusions to see find out what items will not be handled. For example, many moving companies do not include packing supplies and empty boxes in their pricing. That would be considered a full-service move and would result in extra fees. 

What is the timeline of the move?

Unfortunately, some people have learned a hard lesson about timelines and have had their belongings delivered days or weeks later. To prevent a moving nightmare, make sure that the timetable is crystal clear. Typically, a delivery window is provided by the movers after they have loaded the truck. The moving crew should give you a more exact delivery time. 

Are there any exclusions?

Do not make assumptions. Most people assume that relocating their home means moving their furniture, possessions, and other household items. Usually, this should never be an issue.  However, there can be some items that may be excluded. For example, many movers do not handle computers or certain electronics, flammable or explosive items.  If you are informed that any of your items are excluded, start planning to self-transport. 

Also, check out this article for information on avoiding fraud and being scammed by movers.

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