Six Factors to Consider When Relocating Offices in 2022

Six Factors to Consider When Relocating Offices

When deciding on a business investment like an office, it can become a challenging task. Management teams sometimes can struggle to align their relocation strategy with their actual needs. We highly recommend that you outsource the stress of office moving to a commercial mover like Morrison Moving.  Before you sign a lease, ensure it’s the right one for you.

Consider these six factors before you commit:

Fear of Change

If you are considering moving into a new office, you should consider your staff. Sometimes people don't embrace change well and often get scared.  Some people might even start looking for a new job or quit. This could be because of the distance of commuting to a new location or for other reasons. You need to consider if you are willing and able to recruit new staff? When you lose great staff, it is a setback that costs you time and money.  If you are relocating to a new city, we recommend that you plan for the employee relocation or recruitment costs. 

Hidden Costs

Thinking of transforming an office to your exact requirements? Doing renovations can be expensive if you are planning to do the work yourself or are going to outsource to a contractor. Unfortunately, things happen during a renovation and costs go above your budget. Consider repairs to roofing, paint and flooring. These are visible, and you can plan for this. The thing you need to be aware of is what you can’t see. There could be hidden costs hiding behind those walls. Outdated plumbing and electrical are unanticipated and end up costing you more.  We recommend bringing in a Property Inspector, Architect or Engineer who understands zoning restrictions and building codes. This will help to ensure that your vision for the renovation is possible.

Breaking a Lease

Investing in a new office might not be a good strategy if you have a lease. Consider that breaking a lease can cost you a lot if the property management company refuses to cooperate. If breaking your lease to relocate your office will help you reach your goals, then make the change.

Notify Staff

Give people as much notice as possible that you are relocating.  Preparing your staff is essential because your employees could face increased commute times and other factors.  Allow them some time off so they can find housing if required.


We recommend that you avoid relocating your office if you have some deadlines that are due. It's strategic not to schedule a move during your busiest times of the year.

Pick the Right Mover

Relocating offices can be a moving nightmare if you pick the wrong moving company. Pick a company with plenty of office moving experience and great reviews. When looking for Hamilton Movers,  consider Morrison Moving as the preferred office mover in Hamilton.  Our clients love us because of our dedication to customer service and the professionalism of our staff.  Let Morrison Moving make your office move stress-free.

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