Seven Packing Tips For a Stress Free Move

Seven Packing Tips For a Stress Free Move

Morrison Moving has been helping people move for over thirty years. We have learned a few things to help make moving easier. Our professionals want to share some tricks to make your moving less stressful.

Stock Up on Moving Boxes

Before you start packing, stock up on boxes. We recommend that you rent plastic moving boxes instead of buying cardboard boxes. Plastic moving boxes are great for the environment; they are stronger than cardboard and really easy to handle. If you are set on using cardboard, you can buy all sizes and types for a discount at Morrison Moving. If you are using used boxes, we suggest you spend some time collecting them from the U-Haul used bin, grocery stores, liquor stores, and other local businesses. Ask a friend that works in a warehouse if they can get you piles of cardboard boxes.

Colour Code Your Boxes

Make your move easier by colour codings your boxes. Create a list and designate a specific colour to every room in your new home. This helps everyone moving to know where each box has to go. You can also use coloured tape to tell the movers the importance of the items. Here is an example

  • Green Tape - Items needed now

  • Yellow Tape - Items needed soon

  • Red Tape – Items need last

Use Luggage

We encourage you to your luggage while packing. This is ideal for clothing and toiletries that you need immediately. You can also use suitcases and duffel bags for all sorts of important items.

Use Ziplock Bags For Parts

Knowing where things are is important, especially when disassembling items like dining tables, TV stands, and bed frames. It’s extremely easy to lose small parts during your move! We highly recommend that you place all the bolts, bolts, tools and screws in a ziplock bag. Next, tape that ziplock bag directly on a piece that you took apart. When it's time to reassemble those items, you will have everything you need.

Take Photos of How Electronics Are Set-Up

Before you start disconnecting your electronics, we suggest you take a photo of the setup. Capture how each chord is connected. Then use a piece of masking tape to label each cable so you know how to reconnect them. This will save you time and stress in case you forget.

Pack a Cooler

Don’t ignore the fact that your family will need to eat. If you are eating at restaurants, it can be more costly. Leading up to your moving day, stock up on bottled water, drinks and food for sandwiches. This is great for saving money while moving. Most people use up the food in their refrigerator to reduce the amount of stuff that they want to take.

Hire Cleaners or Clean Before You Unpack

Reward yourself by hiring cleaners to clean before you move in. This will take the stress off your move. Not to mention, cleaning is exhausting. If you want to do the cleaning, start with the bathroom and the kitchen. Start by wiping down the inside of all the kitchen appliances, drawers, and shelves. Do this before you fill them with your items. Try to vacuum each room before bringing in the furniture.

If you are looking for a mover or packing services, consider Morrison Moving for all your moving requirements.



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