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Moving While You Are Pregnant

Moving While You Are Pregnant

Congratulations on your pregnancy and moving to a bigger home with lots of room for the new baby. Unfortunately, moving can be stressful for some pregnant women.  The weeks following up to your move will require a lot from you physically and emotionally. Sometimes worries about your upcoming move can make you feel exhausted and frustrated.  We asked Michael Morrison from Morrison Moving for his tips on how you can help you feel more comfortable during your move.

Make an effort to stay organized by keeping calm. It’s a good idea to make a moving plan and listing every task that you need to do. We recommend that you give yourself more time so you can rest frequently. Give yourself some realistic deadlines, and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Pack in advance

It’s a good idea to pack ahead of time. Give yourself one or two months before the moving date to get things done. In the end, you’ll be thankful to yourself for making a move less stressful. If you need help you can always rely on Morrison Moving to help you pack. Our professional packers can help you pack your things properly, so they arrive at your new home undamaged. Professional packing services are not expensive and give you the relief from additional unwanted stress. If you have decided to pack by yourself, it’s wise to ask your family or friends for some help.  Make sure that you avoid lifting heavy items and overloading your body with work.

Label Each Box

Label each box to help you remember what you have packed.  We recommend that you keep a list of your packed boxes. Start this process by numbering each box and then write down the contents of that box. This is a good strategy for some that may suffer from “pregnancy brain.”

Get Some Help

Make sure you get the support you need by accepting help from your friends and relatives. Outsource some moving help from Morrison Moving if required.

Do a Little Research

In advance, do some research about your new neighborhood. Find out where the hardware store, banks, restaurants, grocery stores, walk-in clinics, etc.

Changing Your Doctor

Changing your doctor after moving could be a process and should be done in advance. Be sure to ask your present doctor/midwife if they have referrals in your new area.  If you find a new doctor, get copies of your pre-natal file and medical records.

Build a Necessities Box

It a fantastic idea to make a box with all the things you’ll need in the short term.  You can add some items necessary like a body pillow, blanket, books,  special food, lotion, and more.  Label this box and keep it close to you upon arriving at your new home.

Most importantly, try to take care of yourself and your baby! If moving is too much for you, consider hiring Morrison Moving for full-service moving. This service includes everything to make your move stress-free. We will take care of packing, moving and unpacking. We are fully insured and provide the best customer service. Call us today for a quote.



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