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Moving While Pregnant

Moving While Pregnant

If you are pregnant or just had a newborn, it is most likely that moving to a new location is not on your mind. Then all a sudden life happens, and events like as job promotions and other life-changing things happen that may require you to move. Here are some tips that you should consider before moving.

Planning Ahead

The easiest way to reduce stress is to plan the move ahead of time. Unfortunately, you might not be able to help with lifting or packing, but you can help with a solid plan and schedule. This will help you keep everyone on track and will ensure that your move goes as easily as possible. Here are some things to remember:

Be sure to have your hospital bag accessible at all times
The last thing you want to happen is to find that your hospital bag is packed away in a box!

Give yourself plenty of time for packing
Figure out all the items that you can pack in advance and start packing it. When unpacking, ensure you take care of all the important rooms first.

Call in some favours
Ask friends and family for a helping hand. They can help with packing, filling boxes, and more.

Call Professionals Movers
If your budget allows we recommend hiring a professional moving company to do all of the heavy lifting, packing, and unpacking. They will take care of everything and leave you feeling Stress-free.


Ask Your Doctor

If you are moving to a different city or province, do not forget to coordinate with your healthcare provider. Speak with your doctor to see if they can refer you to someone in their network close to your new home. Try to do this as soon as possible to make sure that you get the proper care throughout your pregnancy. Ask your doctor to make sure that you are safe to get involved in a move.


Make Moving Stress-free

If your budget allows we highly suggest working with a professional moving company so they can do all of the heavy lifting, packing, and unpacking. If you get the full service moving option, you can sit back, relax, and consider yourself more of a project manager than a mover.

Moving day is usually long, and requires a lot of hard work. To prevent issues during pregnancy, listen to your body. We recommend that you rest when you need to. Set up a comfy place to rest so you can rest undisturbed.

Good luck with moving! Enjoy your new family and home!





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