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Moving to Hamilton During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Moving to Hamilton During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic has affected our long-established practices. Pandemic has forced us to abandon our classic approaches towards various tasks like shopping, moving but thanks to health advisers’ suggested safety protocols – we adapted new methods quickly. The need of the hour is to learn to endure the changes brought about by the pandemic.

Following traditional moving practices during the pandemic can impose health risks. Additionally, the moving process is different now because property agents, moving companies and other professionals have revised their operational methods to avoid covid-19 risks. If your plan is to move amid the pandemic, hire an accredited moving company. This comprehensive health guide will help you maintain health and safety during the process of your next move.

Wear a Mask

Mask has proved to be the essential public health tool in controlling COVID-19 spread. Wearing a mask is among the COVID-19 general regulations provided by the Reopening Ontario Act 2020. During the move, there might be several people working indoors. It is in your best interest to wear a mask or face covering. To reduce the chances of catching an infection or becoming a spreader. All the movers, helpers, or relatives present at the moving site must wear masks.

Avoid People with Symptoms

Firstly, if you feel any symptoms of COVID, delay the move and take health measures prescribed by health officials. You should not take help from people with symptoms. It is better if everyone involved in the moving process ensures a history of no contact with someone with COVID. You can politely remind everyone to follow hygiene measures. Or you can entrust a person with this role to remind everyone about the importance of following hygiene and health measures enacted by health department authorities.

Provide Sanitizing Products

Frequent hand washing is advisable in COVID-19. During the move, motivate everyone to wash their hands again and again. Provide all the essentials for sanitization. You can keep extra masks, hand sanitizers, and hand washes. Disinfect doorknobs, windows, and other areas that people touch frequently. It is better to use alcohol-based sanitizers and disinfectants because they kill bacteria and viruses effectively. You guarantee your own and everyone else’s health security when you provide all the essentials for sanitization.

Avoid Reusing Boxes

It was wise and frugal to reuse boxes as it reduced waste and money spent. But ever since COVID-19, it is no longer wise to reuse used boxes for packing. The ideal approaches in COVID are to minimize the touch to the maximum level. Viruses live on surfaces like cardboard; if you and other people retouch boxes repeatedly, the virus can spread. To avoid COVID spread, disinfect boxes, and ensure only a single person handles their moving.

Postpone the Move

We recommend this at the fifth number because you would not have planned to move unless inevitable. However, the best option is to postpone a move during the peak of the COVID-19 wave. Many of us have reduced the time for grocery shopping because stores are full of people. The moving process might demand more labour, leading to overcrowding in the house; it can prove dangerous during the peak. If you can have any flexibility in your moving date, go for it. Postpone the process till the COVID surge goes down.

Limit the Number of People

COVID-19 guide for Hamilton residents instructs to reduce the indoor social gathering to a maximum of 5 people. Most steps in the moving process require indoor work apart from final loading onto trucks. Needing help during the move is an understandable point. You cannot cut out the number of people altogether, but you can allocate different times for different tasks. You can limit the number of people per room. So that while completing a moving task (for example, packing, loading, labelling), only essential people do the job.

After your move, clean and disinfect all the constantly touched surfaces such as furniture, doorknobs, appliances for the new occupants. Similarly, practice cleaning and disinfecting the same areas in your new house for yourself.

Work with the best moving company in HamiltonMorrison Moving. We practice all government recommendations and protocols for COVID-19 to protect our customers and our moving crew.

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