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Moving Guide For Making Your Moving Day Stress free

Everyone who has moved has experienced the pain of moving. Having to relocate your home is excruciating because of all the pre-planning, stress, and hard work that goes into it.

Moving doesn’t have to be hard!

There are professional moving companies that are available to help you with the entire process.


Avoid Moving on Weekends

Our tendency is to move during weekends because we have plenty of free time. That's exactly what everyone else thinks too when they're moving house. That’s why some moving companies charge higher rates on weekends. In order to prevent this, you shouldn't choose to move on the weekend. Weekdays are your best option for availability and rates.

Plan Ahead In The Summer

Summer is the busiest season for moving. To get a date in the summer plan in advance. Try to book 2-3 months in advance. The cost of moving services will be high, as well as their demand.

Hire or Find Someone to Watch Your Kids

If you have children, it’s recommended to get someone to watch them. In some situations, they may cause delays and complicate your move. It is possible for them to get hurt if they are not properly supervised, adding more stress to our already stressful situation.

Hire or Find Someone to Watch Your Pets

If you have pets, it’s recommended to get someone to watch them. They will be scared and in some situations, they may cause delays or complicate your move.

Change Your Address in Advance

It is important to update many other formal issues when you move home. Change your mailing address, inform your bank and any other authorities, and update any past addresses with the new one.

You can save time and energy by doing this a few weeks before moving.

All Boxes Should Be Labelled

It is easier to organize, pack, and unpack your boxes if when you label them. Packing your house a month before moving day is a good idea if you have a big house. Mark your boxes clearly and pack the least used items first. Identify all of your cardboard boxes with colourful labels.

Put the name of the room on the boxes so that you or your movers will know right where the boxes go.

By unpacking in this order, you won't have to look through every box to find what you need and save time.

Protect Your Fragile Items

When it comes to moving or transporting fragile items, bubble wrap is a great solution. It isn't always necessary to buy bubble wrap in bulk for your move, as there are other things you may have lying around the house that could help.

Consider the curtains, bedsheets, covers, and blankets that you have easily accessible in your bedroom. Make sure the box is protected by filling any gaps between items with linens.

Wrap dinnerware, glassware, showpieces, and ceramics with clothing before putting them in a box or suitcase.

Choose Morrison Moving

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