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Moving Box Guide – What’s Used For What

Moving Box Guide – What’s Used For What

Changing jobs, getting a better one or simply moving into a bigger apartment is almost always exciting. At the same time, it also stresses packing every household item into so many different boxes, which tends to dampen the spirits. Not anymore! Putting the vast experience of Hamilton Movers to good use, we have prepared a systematic and organized guide to help you choose boxes.

Essentials you Need for Packing

The primary item required for packing is boxes – of all sizes and types. But how many boxes do you need? By understanding what goes in each box and how to pack keeping the volume, weight, and fragility in mind, by the end of the article you will be able to calculate the boxes required for your packing.

Other essential items you will be needing old newspapers / unprinted news wrap for packing fragile items and sealing tape for all boxes and labels. It is always ideal to save the original packing of TV, computer, gaming consoles and other electronics since they are best restored in the same during the move.

What to Put in Which Box?

We will answer your query by categorizing the boxes as per their sizes and use:

Small Boxes

It is wise to put your cutlery items, tools, jewellery, stationery and such stuff in small boxes, clearly labelled. While it is listed first in size, it is normally wise to pack these items at a later stage.

Medium Boxes and Corrugated

Things that are heavy but have less volume will go in medium boxes. It is practical to use these for kitchen appliances, silverware, pots, pans and plates. Corrugated boxes while the same size is good for packing fragile items like glasses and dishes.

Large Boxes

Large boxes must not be packed with heavy items as they will be heavy to lift and increase the chances of injury or breakage in case of fall. They are to be filled with light but high volume items like dish racks, appliances and dishware. Alternatively, they can be half-filled with books and the rest filled with light items such as pillows.

Extra Large Boxes

For unusual shapes and sizes like lamps, décor items, and volumetric items like linens and blankets, these boxes are your best fit.

Wardrobe Boxes

As the name suggests, your wardrobe hanging items will be packed in these boxes. They may not have the capacity to pack your complete wardrobe so you will need to prioritize. The formal, expensive, and ironed should take priority here.


Made of wood and customized according to specific requirements and sizes, these are used for packing heavier appliances, delicate paintings and wall hangings, and furniture.

Your suitcases and bags will be used for clothes and shoes. Garbage bags will also come in handy while packing the remaining items like toiletries.

How to pack is mainly common sense and experience. We will share some practical tips that will help you pack.

While packing fragile items like dishes, plates and glasses, always wrap them using old newspapers, unprinted news wrap or bubble wrap. Use pillows as padding in boxes with fragile items. The extra padding will help absorb any jerks or bumps during move, loading and unloading.

Garbage bags can be helpful to cover crates and boxes to prevent water seepage or rain from damaging any of the packed items.

Where to Find the Boxes?

Finances – the second biggest concern during moving. Buying all the packing material required is a hassle in terms of money and the extensive effort required. Here are some of the ways you can collect boxes required for packing for free!

If that does not work, you can always locate a liquor or grocery store near you. Both tend to use loads of boxes in routine which may not be of use to them afterwards but can certainly be a lifesaver for you.

Even if you do not foresee moving in the near future, you should always save boxes that come in with delivered packages, new electronic appliances and other hardware. Chances are, you will be needing them later.

Best Movers in Hamilton

If you are searching for the best Hamilton movers, Morrison Moving should be your first choice. We have the experience and skilled team to fulfil all your moving requirements from packing till the final move.

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