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Movers Guide for Boxes and Labeling

Movers Guide for Boxes and Labeling

Plastic Moving Bins and Types of Moving Boxes

Using the correct boxes during your move will help protect your items from damage. We have a list of recommended boxes to help you pack properly.

Plastic Moving Bins/Boxes

This is your best option when it comes to the environment. Customers like the ease of use. You can pack almost anything with these boxes because they are 24 inches by 20 inches by 12 inches in size. They are designed to hold up to 45 lbs and are made of plastic, which will protect your items better than cardboard. Plastic moving bins/boxes will hold up to 3.2 cubic feet.

Small Cardboard Boxes

This box can hold heavy items such as CDs, DVDs, books, magazines, and records. It’s recommended that small, heavy items be packed in small boxes, which can hold up to 2 cubic feet.

Medium Cardboard Boxes

We suggest packing items like pots and pans, small appliances, shoes, linens, and lampshades in medium boxes, which can hold up to 4 cubic feet.

Large Cardboard Boxes

You should pack items like large pots and pans, comforters, linens, lamps, lampshades, and baskets in large boxes, which can hold up to 5 cubic feet.

Dish PackCardboardBoxes

Use these boxes to pack your stemware, China, small pictures, and any items that require extra protection. The dish pack box is designed with an added layer of cardboard to make it much stronger. Always use plenty of paper to wrap each item. Dish Pack Cardboard Boxes will hold up to 5.2 cubic feet.

Wardrobe Cardboard Boxes

When you use wardrobe boxes, you make packing all your hanging clothes easy. They have a 24-inch metal bar that hooks into the top of the carton. Perfect for formal wear such as suits and dresses.

Label Each Box for Piece of Mind

Morrison Moving always recommends labelling all your moving boxes. Many people skip this step, which we think is the most important step in the packing process. Below are a few tips on how to label your moving boxes effectively.

  • Please do not use a ballpoint pen or a pencil
  • Use a thick black sharpie or black marker
  • Write the room the box was packed in
  • Write the contents of the box
  • Write FRAGILE for all breakables
  • Write “THIS END UP” for items that should not be inverted
  • Mark all the boxes that you need unpacked first
  • Write “SET UP” for all boxes holding parts for furniture

Morrison Moving has everything you need for packing. Call us today for the best rates on boxes, plastic bins, and packing supplies.



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