Most Difficult Things in Your Home to Move: All you Need to Know

Most Difficult Things in Your Home to Move

Sometimes, you may wonder what it would be like to live at your dream location. Where you can be very close to work or relatives. However, the thought of moving from the old place haunts you as it requires a lot of your efforts and time. One of the constraints is the decision process of what to take along and what to leave behind. You may want to take some things along but have to rethink your choices because of their durability, safe transport, and survival limitations. Well! Do not worry anymore because Morrison Moving, a professional moving company Hamilton, has the right and easy guide on taking care of the most difficult items during a move.  


Living creatures require effort to keep them safe and sound. Firstly, you should take them to the vet to check their immunization records. Also, you can ask him for specific health-related recommendations. Once you are sure on your end, you can check for the pet moving regulations at the place where you are moving.  

One final thing you need to do is select a proper container inside which your pet can be shipped. If you want to take your pet in your vehicle, you should keep food and water on the way. To ensure the safety and survival of your pets, such as fish and birds, you must take an appropriate shipping container. Also, do not forget to bring the accessory materials like filters and pumps required for aquariums and cages.  


If you are fond of greenery, you must have had plants in your home, and you may want to take them along. You must take them in your vehicle like your pets since most movers do not transport plants. Whether or not your plants will survive depends on the length of your journey and the amount of care you are willing to provide. For shorter distances, little effort is required. However, for a long-distance move, you must go out of your way to keep them alive.  

Still, their survivability is questionable on longer distances in addition to the specific regulations at your destination. Smaller house plants grown in pots have more chances of survival. Weeks before your move, you should replace heavy pots with plastic ones because of their lightweight and easy-to-handle properties. In addition to the pots, prune and spray your plants along the way to reduce foliage.  

Fragile and Sensitive Items 


One of the most fragile things in the whole moving process is to retain the glassware. To do this, you should pack those things in cardboard boxes properly before moving and put bubble wrap in hollow spaces to reduce the chances of collision. Don’t forget to label your boxes as ‘Fragile items’

Electronic items

Appropriate packing is the only key to keeping your electronics safe and sound. Pack these in the original boxes if you have those; otherwise, get tough and hard boxes comparable to their sizes. For items with sensitive screens, wrap screens with protective clothing like blankets while keeping the screen upwards in a box. Do not forget to label these boxes too. 

Art and decorative pieces

Pieces of decorative art are usually more delicate and expensive than the other stuff. It is best to pack those pieces carefully in hard boxes surrounded by bubble wrap. Arrange everything carefully and systematically to eliminate the risk of losing any such things. 

Another thing you can do is to hire movers, which provide specialty moving. Morrison moving to Hamilton is providing such services.  

Heavy items 

Heavy items are the most difficult to move of all. These pieces are also most vulnerable to damage because of their unique designs and shapes. So, you need to plan accordingly. Take measurements of the items and doors to have an estimate of their moving capacity through. Do the same for corridors and staircases in case you live upstairs. Make sure the items are carefully packed after a thorough cleaning. 

Hire Morrison Moving

Morrison Moving, the best Hamilton Movers, offers professional-level moving services for all kinds of household items. Our specialty services are available for your specific moving needs. 


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