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Morrison Moving Winter Moving Tips

Morrison Moving Winter Moving Tips

Moving in the winter adds to your moving stress. During winter storms, it’s cold outside, and the roads can be slick with ice. These conditions can make moving difficult.  Don’t worry, Morrison moving is here to help.  We are experts in moving and want to assist people to ease their moving stress. Check out some of our moving tips for moving during the winter.

Watch for the Weather

We recommend that you watch out for the weather. Check your area on the Weather Network to see what the forecast is.  Sometimes, weather can change fast and make slush and snow into ice.  There is much more darkness during the winter, so it’s also important to keep in mind the time of day you’re moving.


Depending on the forecast, dress in layers to adjust to the temperature. While moving, you will be moving around a lot, and you might get hot and sweat throughout the day. Take off layers if you get too hot or add some if you are too cold.

Lighting Conditions

Because it gets much darker during the winter time the outdoors and the natural light inside your home is less visible during the day. It a great idea to already have your heating and electricity hooked up so that you can have your lights on.

Clear a path

We recommend that you clear pathway when moving.  Shovel your driveway, sidewalks and entrance at both your old and new residence. This will help to prevent slipping or accidents.

Protect your floors

Cover your floors to prevent any tracking of snow or mud into your home. You can use old blankets or sheets. This will also help to protect and help your floors clean your floors during your move.

Extra Towels

Keep extra towels on hand to help clean up water build up from your feet and items you are moving into your new home. It is wise to make the moving process safer.

Outsource Movers

Hiring a moving company will help to take a lot of that extra pressure off of you.  Morrison Moving has a team of professionals that handle all your worries. Our uniformed movers and drivers are committed to going above expectations and making sure that your move is completed with care and efficiency. We understand that everyone moving needs are different and we can customize each move. We promise to deliver the best moving experience that we possibly can.



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