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Morrison Moving is With The BBB

Morrison Moving is With The BBB

Potential customers are looking for a company to TRUST. We live in a digital age where customers can search for information instantly online. Most of the time, customers want to find out if a business is reputable. They start by doing a quick Google search for the company they want to work with. The search results come back with everything you need to make a well-informed decision.

Morrison Moving decided to work with the BBB because of its mission to advance “marketplace trust.” It’s not easy to get accredited, and they hold their members accountable to honest business practices. Their purpose is to encourage best business practices, resolve issues between businesses and their customers, and help stop negative market behaviour. We think it is an excellent investment to help resolve buyer insecurity.

Movers and Trust

Unfortunately, some bad actors in the moving industry have made it difficult for consumers to trust movers. The internet has plenty of horror stories about dishonest movers. It’s a moving nightmare when a mover holds your items randomly and demands double the quoted price. Morrison Moving has worked hard for 35 years to build a positive reputation for Movers in Hamilton and Niagara Region. Our primary objective is to give our customers the best overall moving experience possible. We develop long-term customer relationships by providing outstanding customer service and support. We know our strategy works because we get plenty of referrals, and past customers choose us when they have to move again.

The BBB logo still instills a sense of trust, especially for people who are old school and not internet savvy. It also goes well with our mission to be the Best Mover in Hamilton. We have won several awards for being the best moving company in Hamilton, including The Spec Readers Choice Awards, CHCH, The Hamilton Community News Readers Choice Awards, and We are very proud to win these awards, and we thank our professional movers and moving consultants for their hard work.

We invite you to contact Morrison Moving for a moving estimate. We only do in-home estimates so we can provide you with the most accurate pricing. You will enjoy our five-star moving services provided by hard-working professionals.




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