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Knowing What to Expect on Your Moving Day

Knowing What to Expect on Your Moving Day

Knowing what to expect from your movers on your moving day is essential. When your moving day arrives, you can feel various emotions. You have planned this move for months and have packed, labelled, and colour-coded all your boxes in advance. If you are working with Morrison Moving or another professional moving company, you could expect the following services:

  • – A confirmation call days before the move to confirm that nothing has changed
  • – The movers will call you to let you know they are en route and close to your location.
  • – When the movers arrive, they will brief you on what to expect and hear about your special requirements.
  • – They will protect your floors with unique mats.
  • – They will have all the proper equipment.
  • – They will protect items with moving pads and or blankets.
  • – They can provide wardrobe boxes on request.
  • – Remove any doors or items to ensure a clear path.
  • – Communicate with you throughout the entire day.
  • – Let you know when they leave for your new location.


Here is some advice for you to make your move efficient


  • – We recommend that you greet the moving team when they arrive.
  • – Let them know about any challenges that they may encounter.
  • – Make an inventory list of all your items
  • – Label all boxes with room and contents
  • -Buy some coloured stickers and colour code your boxes
  • – Try to get a layout plan for the new location
  • – Make a box with all the essentials that you will take with you, including medicine, clothes, and bathroom items.
  • – Perishable food should be taken with you and put directly in your new fridge.

The movers will check out the layout of your home and review your packed items. After, you can take it easy as the Morrison Moving team gets to work. We recommend that you don’t worry about the order in which things are taken out of the home. They will be sorted in the truck as they are received. The team will collect boxes of similar size to assist in packing the moving truck safely and efficiently. The movers will wrap and load odd-shaped items and furniture with moving blankets to ensure they prevent damage and offer improved cleanliness.

After the moving truck is fully loaded, you will be informed that the movers are ready to go. At the new location, the movers will place boxes and items in the room you labelled and colour-coded. The movers will work hard to protect your items while your possessions are settled into your new home. Once the truck is empty, we will meet with you again to review everything we did.  It’s a good idea to tip the movers if you think they did well. It’s common to tip around $40 per person.

If you have no time to move yourself, consider calling  Morrison Moving for a quote. We can take care of the entire process for you. Contact us today to discuss your moving requirements. We can send one of our moving consultants to give you an in-home estimate that outlines what we do and how much it will cost.



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