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How to Save Money Hiring Movers

How to Save Money Hiring Movers

Finding the optimal time to move can save you money and stress. Consider the guidance from this article to help you start planning to move to your new home.

When is the Best Time of Year to Move?

People are less inclined to move in the wintertime than in the summer. Families with children are reluctant to change schools during the school year. Also, colder temps can complicate moving and settling into a new home.

People tend to move even more during the warmer weeks of the early spring or summer. If you plan to move during the late fall, winter season or early spring, you will see significant savings. This will require you to have more flexibility when scheduling your movers.

The start and end of the month are typical times for expiring leases, meaning those days are busier. Consider a mid-month move because you will have a broader selection of options.

People generally move on the weekends because it is easier to avoid taking time off from work for the move. It also allows you some time to get settled in and start unpacking. Try to align your closing day and schedule to avoid the summer weekends and high-demand days. This will make your move cost-effective.

Choose Morrison Moving

We recommend that you schedule your move months in advance. Pick a mid-week day. Try calling early in the morning to get someone on the phone promptly.

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