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How to Prepare Your Piano for Moving

The piano undoubtedly is the queen of all musical instruments. A piano in the home adds beauty and aesthetics to it. While preparing for the move, you want your piano to remain undamaged and transported safely. This task is achievable given that you keep in mind pianos are bulky and delicate and should be handled carefully. The three types of pianos: spinet, standard upright and the grand piano require different packing approaches. You can inform the professional piano movers about the kind of piano you possess; they will prepare accordingly. We suggest you keep reading this article for more insights on the best way to move a piano 

Create Convenience before the Piano Move

It is time to move the piano with the rest of the belongings but, how different it is. The large size and delicate structure of the piano require extra carefulness. Before preparing it for the move, make sure it has nothing on it. Remove photo frames, books, candles, or any other decorative items placed on it. If you do not remove these items from the top, movers might demand you to do so or do it themselves, which can take extra time and extra payment.  

Plan and Clear Your Route

Moving any item becomes barrier-free when the route is clear. Especially in the case of moving a piano, strategy and a clear pathway are very crucial. When movers visit your house to move the piano, they consider all the stairs, turns and obstacles they might encounter while moving the piano. The pathway should be nice and clear of any possible hazards such as rugs, furniture, or uneven floor patches. Ensure that during the piano move, no pets or children obstruct the movers' way.  

Arrange Piano Moving Equipment 

Piano moving equipment includes piano dolly, piano blankets, and straps. This equipment is necessary for moving the piano out of the room and towards the moving truck. Professional piano movers utilize these tools and techniques to prepare the piano for moving. Straps make sure that the piano is closed, and the lid will not suddenly open. Padding protects the body of the piano while moving it. Covering in a piano blanket prevents any scratches from sudden bumps with adjacent furniture and walls. Moving planks and piano dollies reduce the weight and pressure of the piano moving on the movers.  

Seek Professional Piano Movers Services

Each piano is unique, and only a professional is well aware of the requirements of each piano for moving. You might buy a piano, but usually, people do not keep piano dollies and other moving equipment at home. Booking a piano mover in advance is suggested because they will have all the required equipment at hand. Professional movers bring experience to the table and ensure safe moving for your piano.  

Go Stress-free with Morrison Moving

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a perfect piano move in Hamilton or surrounding areas. For a safe and stress-free piano moving experience, choose Morrison Moving. 




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