How To Prepare for a Stress-free Downsizing

How To Prepare for a Stress-free Downsizing

Anyone looking to reduce expenditures, save money and live a simpler life can be interested in downsizing. Downsizing has a few disadvantages; however, it helps save both time and money. It is an excellent idea if you no longer need a larger house, for it will save you upkeep costs, lower your energy bills and reduce cleaning tasks. Although when you hear the word downsizing, the first thought that comes to mind is that an older couple is moving to a smaller place after their children have moved out. Seniors can benefit financially and emotionally from downsizing but also need support during the moving process. However, it is not a generic rule; younger people might also need to or like to downsize. Eventually, downsizing allows for a more peaceful and less cluttered life.  

Do the Following to Prepare Well for Downsizing

Follow the list of tasks given below to enjoy stress-free downsizing. 

Sort Out Your Belongings

Make a list of all your possessions and mark the ones you need in the future. You should sort your items into piles as you go through each room. Depending on your plans for these belongings, you should label them into different categories. Separate the ones you will use, then add the rest into yard sale, charity or discard piles. 

Minimize Duplicates

Living in a bigger house, you might have collected many items without considering how many duplicates you are gathering. Downsizing requires eliminating duplicate belongings such as multiple mugs or cups in the Kitchen. You can discard or give away the extra cups to someone else. Similarly, when you find many identical items in your garage, junk drawers and linen closet; you should only keep those very close to your heart – and discard the rest. Before moving to your new smaller house, you need to identify the items that no longer serve your lifestyle – it is time to let them go. 

Use Your Storage Spaces

Not every house has a designated storage space like an attic, basement, or garage. Still, often, people own platform beds with drawers, wardrobes, bookshelves and ottomans that can be used for storage. You can organize your belongings nicely in these creative storage areas to make the new house look clean and decluttered. Other storage space options include the area under the stairs and crawl spaces. 

Sort Out Your Furniture

In your new, smaller home, you may not have enough room for all your belongings, including furniture. Take measurements of your furniture to determine if and how it will fit in your new space. You need to consider other options if it is too big for your new apartment or home. Moving all the furniture from the old place to the new house, knowing it will be of no use, is a waste of time, energy and resources. Therefore, either sell or hand over this furniture to a loved one and purchase new furniture for the new place according to its space. 

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