How to Pack Dishes and Fragile Items for Moving and Storage

How to Pack Dishes and Fragile Items for Moving and Storage

Moving to a new place is exciting, but one thing that gets on your nerves is packing. The thought of losing or breaking your valuable items scares you; therefore, we are here to help you. Fragile items include dinnerware, antiques, family heirlooms, and glass. Professionals should always pack and transport such valuables, but it is understandable if you choose to do it yourself. It is hard to pack dishes and fragile items but not impossible; you can master the art of packing everything safely using these tips.  

How to Choose the Perfect Packing Material

Packing dishes and other fragile items require the ideal packing material. No worries, we have got you covered. Read this detailed description of packing materials and their relevant significance. 

Look for secure padding when packing breakable items. Here is what you should choose: 

  1. Packing peanuts and bubble wrap are expensive compared to newspapers but are safer. Depending on the situation, you can pack using newspaper. If you have too many items, it will take less space. 
  2. Standard cardboard boxes are not an ideal choice for fragile items - you need sturdy boxes. You can use your plastic moving boxes and bins - they can bear heavy items and are much safer. You can also find specialized dish boxes for moving; these consist of a double layer of corrugated cardboard. 
  3. Put fragile items inside warning labels on the containers to avoid sudden accidents.  

How to Pack Dishes and Other Fragile Items for Move

You can hire professional packers to help you pack stuff before moving, but if you are doing it yourself - here is how you should go about it.  

Arrange glasses, plates, cups, bowls, stemware, and other breakables into separate groups. Packing every item separately; helps to unpack and arrange things back in the new house.  

Buy or collect boxes according to the number and sizes of items. Check the boxes properly for any damage and tape corners and edges to ensure complete safety.  

Place a stack of wrapping paper when packing plates. Wrap the paper around a dish and place it in the centre. Make sure that there is enough space and cushion between each plate. Pack heavy items at the bottom and lighter items at the top. This is a general packing rule. Larger dishes should never be stacked on top of smaller dishes.  

Arrange all of the glassware in a vertical position. Stuff crumpled up packing paper inside each glass or cup. Add crumpled paper to fill the empty spaces between items and the box. They'll be well-protected by crumpled packing paper. Instead of wrapping paper, you can also use towels to protect dishes.  

Consider double-boxing for particularly delicate stemware. After you've packed the box, place it in a larger box that's been padded on both sides with packing paper. Label the boxes with the items' names. After this, your stuff is ready for the move.  

Let Morrison Moving Help

The ideal way to prepare fragile items for long-distance transfers, storage, or local moves is to have professional movers pack and ship your belongings. Morrison Moving can take the stress off you and do a seamless packing job for you. 

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