How to Move Your Refrigerator? Best Tips to Make Life Easy

How to Move Your Refrigerator?

Moving without the help of a moving company can be a stressful process. Especially moving big pieces of furniture and electronics like a refrigerator is a hassle. Moving such heavy items on your own can be extremely tough. If you are planning to move, the first thing that you should do is to Google movers near me. This way, you can find plenty of moving companies within that neighbourhood which can assist you in moving heavier items.  

Here is a list of things that you can do with your refrigerator, even if you are set on hiring a moving company. Following the steps mentioned below will make the whole task comparatively easier and save you a lot of time and cost.  

Defrost Your Refrigerator

First and foremost, you should switch off your refrigerator to prepare it for the move. This will help you defrost and melt all the ice on the insides and allow you to proceed to the next stage, which involves a thorough cleaning session. You can use water and baking soda for cleaning purposes to help prevent bacterial and fungal growth during your moving period. Most importantly, remember to put all your eatables in an ice cooler filled with ice to prevent them from rotting.  

Follow the Instruction Manual for Disconnecting Your Refrigerator 

You must have saved the instruction manual somewhere when your first purchased your refrigerator. Well! Now is the right time to take it out and look for the precautions you need to take while disconnecting your refrigerator. You must turn off the water filter and ice maker following the manual before the movers come in. Once you have done that, disconnect the power cord from the source. 

Pack Your Refrigerator

After disconnecting and completely unplugging, you should roll up the cord appropriately and tape it to the refrigerator's back. The next most important thing is deciding whether to remove the doors or secure them in their place. I suggest securing them at their place if you have preserved the cardboard and foam packaging your refrigerator initially was packed in. This way, you will only have to unpack once you reach your new home. If you remove the doors, make sure to place all the screws in a Ziploc bag and keep it somewhere safe, probably in one of your bags. Remember to cushion the exterior surfaces before packing the refrigerator in cardboard to protect it from scratches. 

Securely Load into a Moving Truck

Since moving and loading the refrigerator into a moving truck will be troublesome, you should have as many helpers as possible. Surely you do not want to drop and break your refrigerator. Clear the passage for the movers to carry and load your refrigerator. Remove any obstacles that may come during the loading. You may have several boxes beside your front door during relocation and packing - remove them to clear the way. Also, always try to vertically place the refrigerator in the truck because this is the optimum condition for them as it may take hours to reach your new destination.  

Unloading and Plugging at the New Place 

Make sure the excitement of setting up your new place does not get to you when it comes to plugging back your refrigerator. Once you have unloaded and put it in your kitchen, you must let it stand for hours. Make sure to let it stand for a little longer so that the compressor gets enough time to set itself. After about 4 hours, you can safely plug it back on and give it time to cool down before putting food into it. Meanwhile, you can uncover the safety packaging you did before the move and reassemble the doors if you removed them in the first place. This thing can take as long as 12 hours or more. 

If you feel any anomaly, quickly go through the manual to look for a possible problem that may have happened and act accordingly.  Check out our article on unpacking mistakes

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