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How to move and still be environmentally conscious

How to move and still be environmentally conscious

Congratulations on finding your next home. Now is the best time to start to planning. Sadly, the process of moving also takes a toll on our environment. Consider all the gas you will use during transportation and everything you plan on throwing away. Unfortunately, even packaging materials can generate a whole lot of waste in the process of packing and unpacking. To help you we asked our moving professionals for their advice on how to be more environmental-conscious when moving. This is what they said.

Donating Unwanted Items

People tend to toss a lot of unused items into the garbage without thinking about it. If the items are still in good condition, you can reduce your environmental impact by donating. This strategy keeps things out of the landfill and helps people in need. This is an excellent way to reduce your environmental impact during moving.

Plenty of organizations will take your items, starting with a Goodwill Community Centre near you. Also, consider other similar charities like The Salvation Army or Habitat for Humanity. These organizations will make the process convenient for you. You can drop off any gently used items directly or find a donation center. Many times they will come to your house to pick up the items themselves. These charities will accept more than clothing. They will also take electronics, small appliances, books, recreational items and more. For larger items like furniture, you can put them outside of your home with a sign that says “free!” If you have gently used makeup, it can be donated to some women’s shelters.

If you have batteries that you want to get rid of, find out where you can donate them. Batteries are bad for the environment because they contain harmful chemicals that can eventually leak into the environment and make their way into the water supply. Call Staples and the city for instructions on how to discard batteries.

Avoid trying to throw things away to reduce your environmental impact and feel great knowing that you did something remarkable.

Recycling Unwanted Items

Household items such as electronics and appliances can be recycled. You can contact specialized recycling centers to find out what they will take. A surprising number of things can be recycled, such as fluorescent bulbs, bicycles, old carpeting, crayons, and more. For any items that the charities were unable to take, you can recycle them at specialized recycling centers.

Choose Reusable Storage Boxes

Corrugated moving boxes can be recycled, but the packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and tape are not easily recycled. Consider using plastic moving bins or crates. You can rent these moving bins from eco-friendly moving companies like Morrison Moving, usually for less than what you will pay for corrugated moving boxes. This will help you to cut down on unnecessary waste. They also are easy to handle and stack on top of each other neatly. You can also use sheets, blankets, and t-shirts as an alternative to bubble wrap. In the case that you do have to rely on boxes, use recycled cardboard boxes that you can get purchase from Home Depot or other moving supply stores.

A Bigger Truck Saves a Trip

Make sure you plan efficiently. If you’re moving locally, pick the right size of the truck. This will help cut down on unnecessary travel by getting everything in one trip.

Use Green/Natural Cleaning Products

You may have to clean twice when moving, both in your new home and the previous one. It a good idea to not use harsh chemicals and opt-in for green cleaning products instead. Many people use natural cleaners like vinegar and baking soda, which work well. This will also help the environment.

Use a Professional Moving Company

Another way to help reduce the environmental impact of your move is to hire a professional moving company that offers some environmentally friendly options. Morrison Moving offers its customers plastic moving bins to rent. We also have large maintained trucks to carry larger loads at one time. We reuse our moving blankets, wardrobe boxes, and equipment. Our staff is specially trained to maximize space and resources.



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