How to Find the Best Office Mover in Hamilton

How to Find the Best Office Mover in Hamilton

Searching and cross-checking Hamilton Office Movers can be as exhausting and time consuming for anyone planning an office move.  There is a lot at stake when you are relocating your office. If something goes wrong, it can trigger setbacks that cost your business wasted time and money.  We asked Michael Morrison from Morrison Moving for his advice on how to speed up the selection process for an office mover.  This is what he said:

Always avoid picking an office mover based on the lowest price. Not all movers are equal when it comes to service, training, and experience.

There are three types of service that most movers offer:

Residential Moving

This service is for people moving into a residential property. Movers transport and deliver household goods to your new home. You can pay extra for professional packing services and have them pack, disassemble, wrap, protect, reassemble, and unpack your personal belongings. Most reliable moving companies offer insurance to protect you against accidents and damages. Not all residential movers have experience with relocating offices. 

Commercial Moving

This service is for any kind of business, big or small. Commercial movers will relocate office contents to a new location.  This service requires professionals that are skilled in office furniture disassembly and reassembly. You can pay extra for professional packing services and have them pack, disassemble, wrap, protect, reassemble, and unpack your personal belongings. Most movers may help with disconnection/reconnection services for computers and equipment. 

Specialty Moving

This service is for anyone one that needs large bulky items to move. These movers have all the equipment and expertise necessary to move these unique items. An example of this would be extra heavy equipment, antiques, artwork, tradeshow displays, specialized hardware, fitness equipment, and medical supplies. 

Morrison Moving offers all three of the above services.  We have a specialized team for each kind of moving request that has the proper equipment, vehicle, and experience to handle almost any project.

It is recommended that business owners hire reliable movers with verified experience in commercial moving. They should assign you a moving specialist that will guide you through the entire process of moving your office to the new location. If you have extra-large equipment or items, specialty movers can also be an excellent choice. Make sure that you ask about their capabilities and size restrictions. 

How to Find Office Movers

Google Search

Use your favorite search engine to find local office movers. You can type this into the search bar"office movers near me."  Be careful of using websites like Kijiji and Craigslist because there are a lot of rogue movers and scammers found there.  Watch out for bait and switch tactics and large deposits that are demanded. Keep in mind that many of these scammers can have a professional-looking website with a local DID number. When you find your ideal office mover, ask if you can meet in person at their office to discuss the details of your move. Professional moving companies have an office. At Morrison Moving we will be willing to come to both current and new office locations to do a walk-through. Never accept a verbal quote over the phone. Get an in-office estimate.
Check reviews on Google Maps and other websites by typing out the name of the moving company.

Better Business Bureau

It highly recommended that you go to the BBB for a list of their accredited movers. You can search by using a location and keyword moving company. Review each of their profiles and read customer reviews, and if you find a complaint, see how that handled it.

Social Media

If you are on social media, this task will be an easy one. Ask your Facebook or LinkedIn network for recommendations on office movers.  Check each movers profile on social media. You can find useful reviews and feedback on each profile. 


Everyone has a network. It's a good idea to ask other business owners who they have used in the past and if they have someone that they recommend. Find out who they hired and what were their pros and cons.

Hire the Best Office Movers in Hamilton

Morrison Moving offers everything you need to make your office move stress-free. We have been serving Hamilton and Niagara Region for over 30 years. We are fully insured and have the best policies in place to protect our customers. We also provide outstanding customer service and support. We do commercial , specialty and residential moving. We can provide everything you need for a stress-free move including professional packing services.



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