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How Movers Should Protect Your Home During Moving

How Movers Should Protect Your Home During Moving

When shopping around for a moving company, some people forget to ask”What does your company do to protect my home during our moving day?” This is a very important question to ask because you need to know that you won’t be having to pay for damages after you move.  Plus, you would not want damage to your new home. During your move, you must ensure that you protect your home and here are some guidelines that your movers should be doing.

Floor protection

There are several ways that movers can protect your floors while moving. Many movers use floor runners that are rubber and grip the ground to prevent slipping. Some movers use a roll of self-adhesive plastic covering which sticks to the floor to prevent slipping. Moving blankets that are tapped down can protect your floor. Hardwood and vinyl floors and can be tough to fix, so make sure that the movers use some protection.

Disassembling large items

Moving large items can damage floors and walls. Professional movers should take large items apart. For example,  king-sized bed frames, couches and large oversized chairs can be too large to get our of a room and need to be unassembled to ensure no scratches to doors or door frames as you take them out of the house.

Padding furniture inside

Professional movers should be padding and wrap your furniture.  This protects your furniture and also protects your home from damages. When items are unpadded, just a light brush against a wall could leave damage. It is important to know that some large padded oversized items may be difficult to get through the door and padding cannot be used.

Temporarily removing doors

Removing doors can help during the moving process.  Most of the time items might be able to fit through the door. Being proactive by taking doors off can help prevent scratches or rubs.  This makes a big difference when carrying large items out.

Protecting your railings

During your move, movers should be using furniture blankets to pad the railings to prevent any scraping and scratching.

Unfortunately, sometimes damage does happen. Professional movers take protective measures to help prevent damage to your home and personal items. If you notice that the movers are not protecting your home to your satisfaction,   make sure you express your concerns to them. You can always request additional protection during your move. If you’re looking for help on your upcoming move, make sure to contact Morrison Moving.  We offer over 35 years of experience in the moving industry and have a solid reputation.



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