How Many Wardrobe Boxes do We Need For Moving?

How Many Wardrobe Boxes do We Need For Moving

Wardrobe boxes provide the perfect approach to packing your clothes for moving and storage. Their top benefit is that these boxes protect your clothes' shape and condition. These are ideal boxes for long-term clothes storage. These boxes are designed specifically for packing clothes on hangers. When you roll or fold your clothes for packing, you no doubt get more space, but wardrobe boxes are the best if you wish to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. You can conveniently move hanging clothes from your closet to the wardrobe box because it has a metal bar to hang clothes. Here is a complete guide on wardrobe boxes to help you pack your clothes for the move.  

How Many Wardrobe Boxes Will You Need?

To know how many wardrobe boxes you need and what is the best way to use them for your next move, keep reading this article. The first thing to consider is the size of the wardrobe box and the length and number of clothes hanging in your wardrobe. Typically, wardrobe boxes are available in two sizes: a short wardrobe box around 2.5 feet in height and a standard wardrobe box about 4 feet in height. Usually, the width of wardrobe boxes is around 2 feet. To choose one size that suits your needs best, take a measuring tape and measure the length/feet of your hanging clothes. This will give you an idea of which size of the box fits your requirement. Take an extra wardrobe box to create some space in it if your closet clothes are crowded closely together. Large wardrobe boxes are great for storing long and bulky clothing like dresses, suits, jackets, and more. Therefore, you should rent or buy large-size boxes to pack all your heavy dresses neatly. 

What is the Right Way to Pack Your Clothes in a Wardrobe Box?

Wardrobe boxes are the most suitable packing accessory for your valuable and delicate clothes. These boxes enable you to pack comfortably and provide complete protection to your valuable dresses. If you get an assembled wardrobe box, you can start packing immediately; otherwise, you must assemble it first. Place the metal bar across the top of the box, inside the two pill-shaped holes, and turn the box upright. Apply tape on the bottom across the seam to properly seal the box from the bottom and sides. Open the box hang the clothes, ensure all clothes are evenly hanging, close the cover and tape the box like you would while packing any moving box. 

Where Can You Get a Wardrobe Box?

Where to find wardrobe boxes for packing? It depends on whether you are doing a move yourself or with a moving company. For your do-it-yourself move, the best place to get these boxes is from a department store. U-Haul Moving & Storage provides a complete line of moving supplies for do-it-yourself movers in Hamilton, ON. If you do not have a department store that sells these boxes, you can order these wardrobe boxes from Amazon. You can also Google"Moving company Hamilton" to find local movers that sell wardrobe boxes.

If you have hired a moving company, ask them if they sell or rent wardrobe boxes. The positive aspect of buying or renting packing and moving supplies from your movers is that you can negotiate the price and get it adjusted in the total moving cost. The best moving company in HamiltonMorrison Moving, sells these boxes to their clients. Move with us to have a stress-free and effortless moving experience. We offer all essential supplies and resources to make your move comfortable. 

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