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Hamilton Local Moving: How Movers Protect Your Home

Hamilton Local Moving: How Movers Protect Your Home

Moving can be one of the most stressful things in your life. When you consider everything that’s involved in local moving, you can understand why. For people that have just bought or sold a home, they will want to make sure that they protect their home from damages. We asked Micheal Morrison from Morrison Moving for his advice on what things you should expect from your movers to protect your home and your items. We came up with a list to help you.

Here are five things that your local moving company should be doing.

1. Floor Protection

One of the most import things to be done is to protect your floors. Sadly, hardwood and vinyl flooring can be challenging to fix. There are several ways that movers can protect your floors during the move. Some movers use floor runners that are rubber and grip the ground to help prevent slipping. Another way to preserve your floors is to lay out a roll of self-adhesive plastic covering. This sticks to the floor to help prevent slipping. You can also protect your floors with moving blankets that are tapped down. Any floor protection will help to avoid any floor damage while moving.

2. Banisters Protection

During your move, the movers will need to protect your banisters. They usually are done by using special moving blankets to pad the railings. This acts as a barrier to help against scratching or scraping. This also will help to prevent scratches from furniture that rub again things which are taken out of the home.

3. Wrapping Furniture

You should expect your movers to wrap all large items, such as furniture. It’s ideal to be using as much padding as possible because this also protects the inside of your home. Consider a large armoire that is being carried out of your home unprotected, a light brush against a door can leave a ding, mark or scratch. Now if this piece is padded, you can avoid leaving any marks. Movers use stretch wrap and moving blankets to help prevent damages. Sometimes, there could be times where large oversized pieces could be difficult to get through the door when heavily padded, so the movers will have to use another solution to avoid damages.

4. Furniture Disassembly

If a piece of furniture or an item is too large, the movers should take these items apart. An example of this is that you may have a king-sized bed frame that needs to be moved. To make sure that you don’t scratch or damage the walls, the frame will need to be taken apart. It is also recommended that couches and large oversized chairs have their feet removed. Unfortunately, the feet can cause scratches to walls and door frames.

5. Taking doors off

Smart movers take doors off to protect your furniture and large items from damage. Taking the door off will help to prevent any rubs, dings, and scratches that could happen from pushing a large piece out the door. It also gives a few extra inches.

Sometimes damages can happen from time to time. It’s essential to make sure that your moving company has the proper insurance to protect you from damages and accidents. It a good idea to ask your movers when they arrive to take the necessary steps to protect your home and items. If you notice that the movers aren’t protecting your home and items, make sure to talk to them. It doesn’t hurt to ask for more protection while moving.

If you’re looking for some moving assistance for your local move, make sure to give Morrison Moving a call. We bring over 30 years of experience in the moving industry and have a solid reputation in Hamilton. Our moving crew has the expertise to help with moves of any size. Ensure that you get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you!



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