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Guide for Moving Elderly Parents

Guide for Moving Elderly Parents

There comes a time when you may need to move your elderly parents from their family home to something smaller or assisted accommodation. Helping your parents move can typically be a challenging process. We asked Michael Morrison, a senior moving expert from Morrison Morrison, for his advice on making the process easier. From getting reliable movers to organizing the entire process, we created this guide exclusively for you.

Two months in advance

When helping your parents sort through their items, could be very emotional for them. It’s recommended to give this process plenty of time so they can adequately sort through everything. It’s ideal to focus on one room at a time. Start by sorting everything into three separate piles. 1. Things your keeping. 2. Things being sold. 3. Goods for donation. One of the keys to an uncomplicated move is an effective organization. Start researching movers as soon as possible. Begin your search online by visiting Google and doing a search for”Movers Near Me.” When Google returns your search results, start cross-checking each company by reading some reviews online. Get at least three quotes and narrow down a list of potential companies. Don’t pick a mover based on the lowest price. Focus on the value that they bring. Ask lots of questions and make sure they have insurance. Many moving companies have full service moving options that include packing and unpacking services. Pick this option if you want full service to make your life a little easier. It’s a good idea to book early because movers get busy and to secure your moving date. Ask for an in-home estimate and a breakdown of everything the quote covers. Start buying your packing supplies. Michael Morrison recommends buying your boxes from Home Depot because they are affordable and good quality. Many companies can also supply you with free boxes if you ask. To protect fragile items, it is a good idea to use towels and linens. You can also buy packing paper and bubble wrap to protect your items. Make a special box for all of your essential documents including insurance papers, medical records, and financial papers. Put this box somewhere safe and secure. You can purchase a portable safe for storing your essential documents.

One month prior in advance

By now, you should have picked a mover to work with. If you haven’t started getting quotes as soon as possible. Now is the best time to start packing. Begin with items that you will not be using. This includes books, seasonal clothes, media like DVDs and CDs, and more. Start planning a garage sale for your unwanted possessions. You can also arrange a pick-up for items you want to donate. For things you wish to dispose of you can rent a disposal bin or bag. This is perfect for seniors that have lots to dispose of. You can also make trips to the dump or leave it out on garbage day. If you are moving into an apartment or condo, make arrangements to reserve the elevator.

Two weeks before moving

We recommend that you go to and purchase a change of address transfer service. If you have subscriptions for magazines and newspapers, call them to update your address or cancel the service if you wish not to continue the subscription.
Call your utility companies to arrange the disconnection and transfer of your gas, electricity, and water services if applicable.

One week before moving

Give your movers a call to confirm the details. Ask them about the payment options. Ensure that you have an essentials box that includes everything you need for the next few days. In the essentials box, add items like medications, clothes, bathroom items, cash, etc. If your parents are on prescription medications, make sure they have enough.

The Moving day

Create a checklist of everything that has to be moved. Make sure you have the payment for the movers. If they want cash, make sure you get it from the bank in advance. If your parents are stressed out, see if they can stay with a family member while moving. Many of the five-star moving companies will help you organize and plan where to place items correctly. Help the movers place things where they need to go. Once at the new place, unpack a few of their favourite things to help ease the move.

Choose The Best Movers in Hamilton

Looking for Hamilton Movers, Morrison Moving has been serving seniors in the Hamilton and Niagara Region for over 30 years. When it comes to moving seniors, we take extra special care. Our team of professional movers will provide outstanding customer service and support. We also offer full-service moving options. Whatever your move requires, we have got you covered.



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