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Four Simple Tips For Packing Fragile Items

Prioritize and Plan Ahead

Protecting your delicate items like crystal, porcelain, and other breakables is paramount when moving. It's wise to give yourself ample time and not to rush. If you're considering not using professional services like Hamilton Movers, it's crucial to begin packing well in advance and strategize whether your items will travel by truck or car.

Equip Yourself with the Right Tools

Essential packing supplies include packing paper, bubble wrap, cardboard, scissors, and tape. Don't forget quality moving boxes in assorted sizes. Additionally, a spacious table can serve as a great workstation, making packing more efficient. Some bulky items might require an extra pair of hands, so be prepared. Ask your Hamilton Movers to help supply you.

Labels are Lifesavers

Always label boxes containing fragile items with a prominent"FRAGILE" sign. This not only ensures safe handling by movers but also streamlines the unpacking process in your new space.

Itemize and Research

Your cherished family heirlooms and modern electronics, though both delicate, need different packing care. Make a checklist and do some research to ensure you're using the best packing techniques for each. This foresight will prevent last-minute scrambles for supplies.

Specific Packing Tips for Popular Fragile Items:

Lamps: Separate lampshades and pack them with the flat side down, cushioned by ample paper. Protect bases using bubble wrap, especially in larger boxes.

Pictures/Frames: Wrap pictures in paper and, if larger than 8 inches, place them in boxes with paper in between. For frames, use packing paper and ensure they're secure within their boxes. For sizable pieces (over 3 feet), consider moving blankets and separate transportation.

Glasses: Individually wrap glasses with packing paper and fill gaps with crumpled paper. Arrange them in boxes, with heavier ones at the bottom.

Plates: After lining boxes with crumpled paper, place bubble-wrapped plates vertically, separating each with paper sheets. Avoid cramming too many inside.

TVs: After detaching accessories, swathe the screen with a soft moving blanket and secure it with tape. Ensure the TV fits snugly inside its designated box.

Specialty Items: Given the uniqueness of these items, it's essential to wrap them entirely in bubble wrap. For added protection, sandwich the item between pliable cardboard pieces and tape them securely.

Invest in Quality Wrapping

Although some might consider using old towels, newsprint, or paper towels for wrapping, these aren't the best choices. Newsprint can soil your belongings, paper towels aren't sturdy, and old towels slide easily and can't be taped securely. For your valuables, it's always best to invest in purpose-made packing materials.

Partner with Hamilton Movers for Your Moving Needs

Let the experts at Morrison Moving handle the packing and moving intricacies for you. With all the essential supplies at our fingertips, you can rest easy knowing your belongings are in safe hands.

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