Effortless Fridge and Freezer Moving: Expert Tips from Top Movers in Hamilton

Effortless Fridge and Freezer Moving: Expert Tips from Top Movers in Hamilton

Moving large appliances such as fridges and freezers can seem daunting. However, this process can be seamless and stress-free with proper planning and expert advice. In this article, we'll share invaluable tips from Morrison Moving, a leading moving service in Hamilton renowned for its expertise in handling heavy appliances with care and precision.

Preparation: The First Step to Success

Measure and Assess

Before anything else, measure the appliance and the pathways to move it. This includes doors, staircases, and hallways. Morrison Moving advises that measuring helps prevent last-minute surprises about whether the fridge or freezer will fit through specific openings. It's essential to know these dimensions early in the planning stage.

Clean and Defrost

One of Morrison Moving's essential tips is to thoroughly clean and defrost your fridge or freezer at least 48 hours before the move. This not only makes the appliance lighter but also prevents water damage that can occur from melting ice during transportation. All items should be removed from the interior and wiped down with a mild cleaner to ensure it's ready for the move.

Packing: Secure Your Appliance

Secure Internal Components

Both shelves and drawers inside your fridge or freezer should be secured or removed. As advised by Morrison Moving, if you leave them in, ensure they are tightly wrapped with stretch wrap or secured with tape to prevent movement that can lead to damage.

External Wrapping

Morrison Moving recommends using moving blankets or padded wraps to protect the external surfaces. Secure these with packing tape to ensure they stay in place. This protects the appliance from scratches and dents and helps absorb any impacts during transportation.

Moving: Techniques and Equipment

Using the Right Equipment

A dolly or a hand truck is essential for moving heavy appliances. Morrison Moving utilizes these tools to ensure a smoother and safer move. Make sure the dolly is in good condition, and secure the appliance to the dolly with straps to prevent any slipping.

Proper Lifting Techniques

Lifting with your legs, not your back, is crucial to avoid injury. Morrison Moving trains its staff extensively in proper lifting techniques to ensure safety and efficiency. At least two people should be involved in the moving process to navigate the weight and bulk of the appliance effectively.

Navigate with Care

Plan your route. Morrison Moving suggests a clear path free of obstacles. Be mindful of bumps or uneven surfaces and move slowly to maintain control over the appliance. Communication between team members is critical to coordinate steps and turns.

Installation: The Final Step


Once you have moved your fridge or freezer to the new location, allowing it to sit for a few hours before plugging it in is essential. This lets the oils in the compressor settle, which is crucial for its operation. Morrison Moving recommends referring to the manufacturer's guidelines for specific instructions on re-installation.

Check and Adjust

After the appliance is back in operation, check for any signs of malfunction and adjust the settings as needed. Morrison Moving emphasizes the importance of ensuring everything is functioning correctly to prevent any disruption in its performance.

Looking for a Professional: Choosing the Right Hamilton Movers Service

When moving heavy and valuable appliances like fridges and freezers, the importance of choosing an exemplary professional moving service cannot be overstated. Experience is crucial, especially when it involves moving large appliances. You'll want to search for Hamilton Movers, which has a proven track record in safely handling fridges and freezers. 


Moving a fridge or freezer can be manageable if you follow the expert advice from Morrison Moving. When you use the right tools, prepare properly, and apply the right techniques, you can ensure your appliance is moved safely and set up efficiently in its new home.

Morrison Moving offers tailored services that guarantee a hassle-free moving experience for those looking for professional assistance. By choosing experienced movers, you leverage their expertise and resources, allowing you to focus on settling into your new space without worry.

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