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Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

All the eco-friendly practices in various fields are appreciable. Environment protection is as important as economic growth in the country. In your last move, you probably noticed the production of lots of waste like paper boxes etc. Packing and moving have always required environmentally harmful goods, and these practices need to be changed. In 2017, paper and cardboard made up the majority of municipal solid garbage. It’s great that this time you are cautious and want to explore eco-friendly methods. We are here to guide you as we have brought this comprehensive list of eco-friendly moving tips.

Go for Reusable Containers

Boxes are an essential need in moving, but they are prone to generate lots of waste and are environmentally unfriendly. You can rent reusable boxes or use suitcases, gym and duffel bags, plastic containers, dresser drawers, and reusable shopping totes. As a sustainable alternative, some companies rent plastic moving boxes and bins. Look into what resources are available for box rental in your town or area and plan. Choosing to relocate without single-use boxes is a fantastic approach to make your move more environmentally friendly.

Donate or Recycle

When the packing time comes, you see many things (clothes or other items) which you no longer want to use. Instead of throwing and wasting them, host a garage sale to sell or donate them. Have a garage sale a few weekends before the relocation if you realize you have a lot of personal goods you can sell. If you decide to donate, do your research to locate the best organizations that will directly send to needy people in your region.

Use Fabric to Wrap Fragile Items

Ceramics, glass items, decor pieces and other delicate items can be wrapped in linen or soft fabric. Bubble wrap can be replaced by wrapping spoon rests, porcelain dishes, and breakables in garments or linens. You can wrap wine glasses in thick winter socks and deliver them to your house intact. Cushion fragile goods with what you already have before buying single-use supplies, towels, blankets, or clothes. Soft fabric products such as towels, blankets, and linens can be used for packing in a unique fashion. Make piles in the boxes for your fragile goods that require extra support, such as dinnerware, glassware, and art.

Use Eco-friendly Biodegradable Material

Every measure taken to make the moving process more eco-friendly is beneficial. Instead of styrofoam, numerous sustainable alternatives to typical packaging supplies are manufactured from potato starch and cornstarch. Green wrap, for example, is a long-term solution. GreenWrap is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable, compostable, and 100% recyclable paper alternative to bubble wrap. You can ask Eco-friendly Hamilton Movers to help you find biodegradable moving supplies. This brings us to the next point, hiring Green moving companies.

Hire Green Moving Companies

Working with green moving companies is the most environmentally responsible option. Green movers use eco-friendly plastic moving boxes and materials for packing. They also opt for environmentally friendly options at the destination and during storage. Morrison moving is a certified moving company in Hamilton that rents plastic moving boxes for packing. If you need a moving truck, look for green moving companies that utilize biodiesel instead of regular gasoline. You can research and find movers committed to working towards a green revolution in the moving industry.

Morrison Moving – Your Best Choice

For a smooth eco-friendly moving experience, hire Morrison Moving, the best Hamilton Movers – keen to fulfil their customers’ requirements.

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