Do Moving Companies Assemble Furniture?

Do Moving Companies Assemble Furniture?

When you hire a moving company, you have many questions about their services. One of the most asked questions from moving companies is if they assemble the furniture. Many moving companies offer furniture assembly services as part of their moving packages or separate services. Therefore, check with the moving company you're considering to see what assembly services they provide and if there are additional assembly charges. You may find that some movers can only disassemble furniture, while others may also be able to reassemble it at your new residence. 

Does Your Furniture Need To be Disassembled? 

The first step in planning the moving process is to list the number of furniture items that need to be dissembled. In most cases, the main items are dining room tables, dressers, vanities, and bed frames. These items will only be easy to move and shift to your new residence if they are disassembled into pieces. You should take advice from your movers on preparing heavier items for your new house. 

Will Your Movers Help You in Disassembling? 

Usually, movers help you assemble and disassemble your furniture. The reason for disassembling your bed frames and other items is to move them safely. When you contact your shortlisted moving company, you should ask all your questions. You should also ask the moving companies about the rates for these additional services. Many moving companies charge per hour for the local move. In case of a long-distance move, you might have to pay for the whole day. The additional weight of different items may cost you an extra amount. 

Should You Do It Yourself? 

Most of the time, doing everything alone can make the moving day a lot more difficult and stressful. Nonetheless, If you must save money, you can choose to do certain tasks yourself. However, if you are not experienced, you must be careful while assembling and disassembling the furniture because you can get hurt while doing it. If you start preparing for the move early, you will have time to do several small tasks and save money. Movers can be expensive sometimes, but they can assist you in planning everything within your budget. 

For Moving Locally 

In the case of local moving, you will not have to pay a hefty amount to the movers to get services such as packing, moving electronic devices, and disassembling the furniture. However, if you are on a low budget, you can do the reassembling and disassembling process by yourself. If not, keep in mind the movers' standard fees per person. So, the more movers you hire, the more you must pay. 

For Long-Distance Move 

Moving your belongings to a different city can take a few days because you have to move a long distance or over 100 miles. It is also possible that your furniture will be handled by different movers, who might not know how to reassemble it correctly. In that case, you can do these tasks by yourself. However, if you communicate your concerns to the moving company, they might resolve the issue and move your items safely. 

How can Professional Movers Help You? 

Professional moving companies can help you plan your moving day. You can also take their assistance packing and boxing everything up and arranging it at your new home. Some companies also help people prepare their new residence to help them settle in immediately. If you plan to move, hire the experts from the best moving company HamiltonMorrison Moving. We will help you carry out the moving activities safely and securely, and you will enjoy a pleasant moving experience. Read our informative blog on WHAT TO EXPECT FROM FULL SERVICE MOVERS IN 2023 to make your next move easy and stress-free.


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