Best Questions To Ask A Moving Company in Hamilton Ontario

Best Questions To Ask A Moving Company in Hamilton Ontario

To help customers avoid a negative experience in the moving industry, we had our customer service staff recommend some questions to ask a mover before committing:

1. Do you do in-home estimates?
Nearly all moving companies want to provide a verbal estimate over the phone, but for the estimate to stand up, they have to be based on how much stuff you own and where you are moving to. In-home estimates help the customer from getting billed double/triple for not correctly describing their items.

2. Are you in hope estimates guaranteed?
Most moving companies will give their commitment to how close they’ll stay to their estimate. You can expect 10% to 20% from many movers. If the mover does not offer a range, try another moving company.

3. Can I put that estimate in writing?
It is vital to get an estimate in writing before your move. This will help protect you from random movers who try to inflate the costs on your moving day. These type of movers are known to hold your load ransom and demand payment before they unload the truck.

4. Does your company use subcontractors?
This is very important because you might not even get the company that you hired. Find out exactly who will be arriving at your door on your moving day. Express caution, some moving companies are just resellers.

5. What will happen if an item gets broken?
Find out how much they are willing to be liable for and if they have insurance to cover this. Ask to get all definitions and explanations in writing.

6. Does the BBB accredit you?
A company that Has full accreditation with the Better Business Bureau’s website shows a commitment to honest customer service.

7. How Long Have You Been in Business?
While it’s possible to be a newer company and be legitimate, the longer a company has been in business, the more likely it is to be trustworthy.

8. Are There Any Conditions for the Estimate Guarantee?
Ask for the complete list of conditions to protect yourself.

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