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Best Moving Tips for Senior Citizens

Best Moving Tips for Senior Citizens

Congratulations, you have chosen to downsize and move to a senior residence.  You made a moving plan, cleared out unneeded items and are mentally prepared for your relocation. We highly recommend that you book movers and get moving quotes asap and many weeks in advance. If you are moving in the summer, book months in advance to ensure you get your date. Here are some tips on the next steps.

Take Your Time Packing

It’s a great idea to start early so you can’t take your time and pack slowly. This will help you not get overwhelmed by the packing process. It’s wise to break packing into smaller tasks to make it more manageable.  Select one small area to begin with, like a closet, and start from there. Pack only the items that you will be taking with you to your new home.

Pictures Help

It is smart to take pictures of all the things that you may need to remember. Things like your entertainment center and the cord setup. It can save you plenty of time when you are unpacking and getting set up in your new residence. Take lots of pictures of the way the rooms are set up.  This will help you to remember what your other home looked like so you can arrange things as close as possible to the old one. It’s also helpful to take lots of pictures of what is inside each box. Label each box, so you will know exactly what each box contains.

Be Careful Lifting

Many people get injured when they lift something the wrong way. Never lift a heavy object on your own and ask for help. If you hurt your back or fall because of lifting something substantial, it will make your move more complicated. Most of the time, friends, family members or neighbours will offer to help you lift an object. Always keep your health in mind.

Clear Pathways For the Move

Avoid trip hazards! Making sure that all pathways are clear while moving. If boxes are taking up space in high-traffic areas, ask someone to move them.  Place boxes in the middle of each room so that you can move around with ease.

Pack a Box of Essentials

What things do you use daily?  Think about all the items that you will need in the next week and make an essentials box. Add some clothes, any toiletries and your important medications.  Some people keep items like fresh bed linens and shower utensils handy. Pack those items in the box as well for easy accessibility.

Hire a Moving Company

This is the essential step of the entire process.  Hamilton Movers have the equipment and experience to ensure your items make it safely to the new home. Don’t hire any old mover, do your research and compare prices. Be sure that you hire a moving company that has excellent reviews and is with the BBB. It’s best if you do this in advance so that you are not rushing last minute.  Ask about insurance and how they do their estimates.

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